Imperial Navy (1981)

Introduction Imperial Navy (連合艦隊, Rengo kantai) is a 1981 Japanese film directed by Shue Matsubayashi. The film is a retelling of the downfall of Japan’s Imperial Navy. Also known as The Imperial Navy, The Grand Fleet, and Rengo Kantai (original title). Outline In 1940, despite the opposition of the commander-in-chief of the Combined Fleet, Isoroku… Read More

Lost Ships: The Hunt for the Kaiser’s Superfleet (2020)

Introduction The true story of a search for a missing fleet of German warships, sunk by the Royal Navy off the Falkland Islands in December 1914, during one of the first great sea battles of the First World War. The Scharnhorst was an armoured cruiser and Admiral Graf von Spee’s flagship. This is a follow… Read More

Falklands 1914: The Hunt for Germany’s Lost Battleships (2015)

Introduction Mensun Bound, “the Indiana Jones of the sea,” sets sail with a crew to search for the lost wrecks of Graf Spee’s fleet, that were sunk in the battle of the Falklands in 1914. A worlds first expedition! Working title: Falklands 1914: The Hunt for Graf Spee’s Lost Ships. A follow on documentary ‘Lost… Read More

Jutland: Clash of the Dreadnoughts (2004)

Introduction A 2004 documentary about the Battle of Jutland in World War One. Outline It was the largest naval engagement of World War I, fought between the navies of Britain and Germany off the Danish coast, and featuring the ships de jour, the Dreadnaughts; i.e., battleships. The British outnumbered the Germans in almost all respects… Read More