Carry On Sergeant (1958)

Introduction Carry On Sergeant is a 1958 British comedy film about National Service starring William Hartnell, Bob Monkhouse and Eric Barker; it is the first in the series of Carry On films, with 31 entries released from 1958 to 1992. Outline Newly married Mary Sage (Shirley Eaton) is distraught when her husband Charlie (Bob Monkhouse)… Read More

Carry On Film Franchise

Introduction The Carry On series primarily consists of 31 British comedy motion pictures (1958-1978 and 1992), four TV Christmas specials, a television series of thirteen episodes, and three stage plays. The films’ humour was in the British comic tradition of music hall and bawdy seaside postcards. Producer Peter Rogers and director Gerald Thomas drew on… Read More

The Patriot Game (1979)

Introduction A history of the Northern Irish conflict from 1922 until the 1970s. Outline Rich in emotional images, often tender but more often terrifying, The Patriot Game tells the story of the long and bitter battle for Northern Ireland. The film’s introduction covers Ireland’s history from British colonisation to the territory’s division in 1922. The… Read More