The Portuguese Falcon (2015)

Introduction The Portuguese Falcon (original title: Capitão Falcão) is a 2015 Portuguese superhero comedy film directed by João Leitão. Outline Captain Falcão tells the story of a Portuguese superhero serving António de Oliveira Salazar in the fight against the communist “red menace” during the 1960’s, mercilessly satirising both the anti-communist propaganda of the Estado Novo… Read More

While There’s War There’s Hope (1974)

Introduction While There’s War There’s Hope (Italian: Finché c’è guerra c’è speranza) is a 1974 satirical Commedia all’italiana film written, directed and starring Alberto Sordi. A top-level tragicomedy, the movie was so successful in Italy that its title has become a proverb. Outline Pietro Chiocca (Alberto Sordi) is an Italian retailer, who sells hydraulic pumps.… Read More