The Diary of Anne Frank (2009): S01E01 – June 1942

Introduction The Diary of Anne Frank is a BBC adaptation, in association with France 2, of The Diary of a Young Girl originally written by Anne Frank and adapted for television by Deborah Moggach. Outline The series begins in June 1942, in wartime and Nazi occupied Amsterdam. Annelies Marie Frank, a teenage Jewish girl, is… Read More

Shoah (1985)

Introduction Shoah is a 1985 French documentary film about the Holocaust, directed by Claude Lanzmann. Over nine hours long and 11 years in the making, the film presents Lanzmann’s interviews with survivors, witnesses and perpetrators during visits to German Holocaust sites across Poland, including extermination camps. Outline Overview The film is concerned chiefly with four… Read More

Holocaust Escape Tunnel (2017)

Introduction Documentary about the holocaust in Lithuania and the story of Lithuanian holocaust survivors and the escape tunnel they dug. Outline At a former Nazi execution site in Lithuania, an international team of archaeologists searches for a lost escape tunnel dug by Jewish prisoners. Production & Filming Details Presenter: Paula S. Apsell and Kirk Wolfinger.… Read More