Witness in the War Zone (1987)

Introduction Deadline is a 1987 war drama film directed by Nathaniel Gutman. It stars Christopher Walken as journalist Don Stevens, who is set up amidst the Lebanese Civil War and is fed false information. An international co-production of Israel, the United States, and West Germany, the film was shot in Israel. Also known as Deadline… Read More

Control Room (2004)

Introduction Control Room is a 2004 documentary film about Al Jazeera and its relations with the US Central Command (CENTCOM), as well as the other news organisations that covered the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Made by Egyptian-American filmmaker Jehane Noujaim, the film was distributed by Magnolia Pictures (owned by 2929 Entertainment). Outline A documentary on… Read More

Dying to Tell (2018)

Introduction Dying to Tell (Spanish: Morir para Contar) is a 2018 Spanish documentary film directed by, written by and starring Hernán Zin. Outline The documentary is journalism on journalists themselves. It initially focuses on Hernán Zin, but later turn its focus on fellow Spanish war correspondents, who has experienced atrocities, the death of colleagues or… Read More