Mercenary Fighters (1988)

Introduction Mercenary Fighters is a 1988 action adventure film by director Riki Shelach Nissimoff. Outline The president of an African country wants to boost his economy with a new dam. He ignores the protests of the tribes in the flooded region, so they declare rebellion. To avoid bad publicity, the president does not use his… Read More

Codename Wild Geese (1984)

Introduction Code Name: Wild Geese (Italian: Arcobaleno selvaggio, German: Geheimcode: Wildgänse) is a 1984 West German-Italian Euro War film directed by Antonio Margheriti and starring Lewis Collins in the first of their three mercenary war films (including Commando Leopard and The Commander). Despite the films title, Code Name: Wild Geese is not the sequel to… Read More

Haftar’s Russian Mercenaries: Inside the Wagner Group (2021)

Introduction BBC News Arabic and BBC News Russian have teamed up to deliver a TV documentary which investigates the presence in Libya of fighters who are working for the Wagner Group – a shadowy Russian organisation supplying fighters to war zones – fighters who are accused of war crimes by the local population. Outline BBC… Read More

The Last Valley (1971)

Introduction The Last Valley is a 1971 film directed by James Clavell, a historical drama set during the Thirty Years’ War (1618–1648). While war ravages southern Germany, a mercenary leader (Michael Caine) and a teacher (Omar Sharif) stumble upon a valley untouched by the war. Based upon the novel The Last Valley (1959), by J.B.… Read More