For Love and Honour (1983): S01E01 – For Love and Honour

Introduction For Love and Honour is a drama TV series that aired for one series in 1983. Outline Awaiting synopsis. Pilot episode. For Love and Honour Series You can find a full index and overview of For Love and Honour here. Production & Filming Detail Release Date: 23 September 1983. Rating: Unknown. Running Time: 60… Read More

For Love and Honour TV Series Overview (1983)

Introduction For Love and Honour is a drama TV series that aired for one series in 1983. Outline Fort Geller Texas is training centre for paratroopers with instructors China Bell and more lenient Eugene Allard moulding diverse recruits into a unit. Their captain is racist Stephen Wiecek whose adulterous wife Phyllis drinks excessively. Cast Cliff… Read More

Lost Command (1966)

Introduction Lost Command (aka Les Centurions) is a 1966 American war film directed and produced by Mark Robson and starring Anthony Quinn, Alain Delon, George Segal, Michèle Morgan, Maurice Ronet and Claudia Cardinale. It is based on the best-selling 1960 novel The Centurions by Jean Lartéguy. The film focuses on the story of French paratroopers… Read More

We Stand Alone Together (2001)

Introduction We Stand Alone Together is a 2001 documentary compiled over two years, an ‘on-camera oral history’ of Easy Company, told by the veterans themselves. Accompanies the mini-series Band of Brothers (2001). Also known as We Stand Alone Together: The Men of Easy Company. Outline Over a period of two years, Mark Cowen and his… Read More

Lionheart (1990)

Introduction Lionheart (also known as AWOL and Wrong Bet) is a 1990 action film directed by Sheldon Lettich, starring Jean-Claude van Damme and co-starring Brian Thompson, along with Harrison Page, Deborah Rennard, Lisa Pelikan, and Ashley Johnson. Van Damme plays a paratrooper legionnaire. When his brother is seriously injured, he returns to Los Angeles to… Read More

Saints and Soldiers: Airborne Creed (2012)

Introduction Saints and Soldiers: Airborne Creed is a 2012 war drama film directed by Ryan Little and produced by Little and Adam Abel. It is based on events that took place during the invasion of Southern France in World War II. The film stars Corbin Allred, David Nibley, and Jasen Wade. The film’s story has… Read More