Meet the Fleet (1940)

Introduction Technicolour dramatised recruiting short made by Warner Bros. for the US Navy. Film is also known as “Anchors Aweigh.” Outline The story of three recruits undergoing Navy bootcamp training. Production & Filming Details Director(s): B. Reeves Eason. Producer(s): Writer(s): Owen Crump. Music: Howard Jackson (uncredited). Cinematography: Charles P. Boyle. Editor(s): Louis Lindsay. Production: Warner… Read More

LEGO Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Brick (2008)

Introduction Lego Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Brick is a 3-D computer-animated Lego short film that was directed by Peder Pedersen. It combines details from all four Indiana Jones features into one continuous adventure with a humorous twist, and includes several inside-jokes for fans of both the Indiana Jones films and the… Read More

Predator vs. Colonial Marines (2016)

Introduction Predator vs. Colonial Marines (2016) is an unofficial 360-degree fan film released by Loot Crate. Outline In the short film a bunch of colonial marines from the Alien franchise storm a Wayland Yutani warehouse, on the hunt for a Predator which they need to capture alive. Naturally after they enter the marines start to… Read More