Jutland: Clash of the Dreadnoughts (2004)

Introduction A 2004 documentary about the Battle of Jutland in World War One. Outline It was the largest naval engagement of World War I, fought between the navies of Britain and Germany off the Danish coast, and featuring the ships de jour, the Dreadnaughts; i.e., battleships. The British outnumbered the Germans in almost all respects… Read More

Americans Underground: Secret City of WWI (2017)

Introduction A documentary about underground shelters used by soldiers during World War One. Outline An amazing discovery has been made beneath a farm field in Northern France: a vast underground city where World War I soldiers, on both sides of the conflict, took refuge a century ago. Even more remarkable, it is one of hundreds… Read More

1915 (2015)

Introduction 1915 is a 2015 psychological thriller film co-written and directed by Garin Hovannisian and Alec Mouhibian. It is produced by Hovannisian and Mouhibian with Terry Leonard, and stars Simon Abkarian, Angela Sarafyan, Samuel Page, and Nikolai Kinski, along with Jim Piddock. 1915 follows a mysterious theatre director in present-day Los Angeles as he stages… Read More