SEAL Dog (2015)

Introduction SEAL Dog tells the story of Trevor Maroshek, a former Navy SEAL who worked closely with his amazing war dog, Chopper. Outline Meet the Pentagon’s latest weapon: war dogs, able to sniff out IEDs, jump out of helicopters, and save lives. Production & Filming Details Video Link(s)

Ghosts of Afghanistan (2021)

Introduction Ghosts of Afghanistan is a Canadian documentary film, directed by Julian Sher and released in 2021. As the Taliban seize control of Afghanistan and the “good war” ends in chaos and tragedy, war correspondent Graeme Smith offers a first-hand account of NATO’s failed attempt to bring democracy, women’s rights and freedoms to the country.… Read More

Nazis at Nuremberg: The Lost Testimony (2022)

Introduction Never-before-heard trial testimony reveals new details about World War II. Outline Never-before-heard trial testimony reveals shocking new details about World War II and the inner workings of the Nazi war machine. Hear the raw voices of Hitler’s criminal henchmen – such as Hermann Goering, Wilhelm Keitel, Albert Speer and Rudolf Hess – as well… Read More

The Secret Peacemaker (2008)

Introduction For more than 20 years, ‘The Link’ brought the British government and the IRA together for peace talks, facilitating the Good Friday agreement. Peter Taylor interviews him. You can find the 2023 documentary ‘The Secret Peacemaker’ about Father Alec Reid here. Outline Brendan Duddy is an ordinary man from Derry who, for more than… Read More

The Secret Peacemaker (2023)

Introduction The story of Father Alec Reid’s complex and controversial peace plan to bring an end to violence in Northern Ireland, which eventually led to the historic Good Friday Agreement. You can find the 2008 documentary ‘The Secret Peacemaker’ about Brendan Duddy here. Outline The Secret Peacemaker charts the incredible story of Father Alec Reid’s… Read More

The Art of Un-War (2022)

Introduction An instigator for social change, Krzysztof Wodiczko’s powerful art interventions disrupt the valorization of state-sanctioned aggression. Outline Renowned artist Krzysztof Wodiczko has practiced socially engaged art for over five decades and has dedicated his life and art in denouncing militarisation and war. An instigator for social change, Wodiczko’s powerful public art interventions disrupt the… Read More

The Last American Colony: One Man’s Revolution (2019)

Introduction The Last American Colony reveals an invisible island – Puerto Rico. Outline Puerto Rico, the last relic of colonization in the western hemisphere, has been a dependent territory of the USA since 1917. Los Macheteros and one of its leaders Juan Segarra have been fighting for its full independence for many decades. Told through… Read More

Carrier at War: The USS Enterprise (2007)

Introduction Come aboard the USS Enterprise for an exciting insider’s peek at life on board a wartime aircraft carrier. Outline Going from 0 to 150 mph in three seconds, withstanding three Gs of force, and taking off from what’s often called “the most dangerous place on the planet” are just parts of everyday life for… Read More

Heroes of the Sky: the Mighty Eighth Air Force (2020)

Introduction The ‘Mighty Eighth Air Force’ tilted the balance for the Allies during World War II. Also known as WW2: Heroes of the Sky (UK). Outline Experience the story of the airmen that seismically shifted the Allies fortunes during World War II, known as the Mighty Eighth Airforce. Featuring never before seen archival footage, ride… Read More