Veterans Journey Home: Kalani’s Story (2021)

Introduction This five film series tells a different kind of “Hero’s Journey” than the one the public is used to. Outline Marine Captain Kalani Creutzburg experiences transformation through emotionally authentic healing circles. Veterans Journey Home Series You can find a full index and overview of Veterans Journey Home here. Production & Filming Details Release Date:… Read More

Bastards’ Road (2020)

Introduction Bastard’s Road (Coming Home from War is Just the Beginning) is a 2020 documentary film about Marine Combat Veteran Jon Hancock and his battle with PTSD. Outline Like many combat veterans, transitioning back to civilian life was very difficult for Jon Hancock. After years of struggling, Jon decided to take an epic journey across… Read More

Killing Escobar (2021)

Introduction The untold story of the attempted assassination of Pablo Escobar, while at the height of his powers, by a small team of elite mercenaries. Outline Documentary telling the incredible true story of Scottish mercenary Peter McAleese, who was hired to kill Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar in 1989. With unprecedented access to Peter and… Read More

Berga: Soldiers of Another War (2003)

Introduction Berga: Soldiers of Another War reveals the untold story of 350 American prisoners of war caught in the tragedy of the Holocaust. Outline Story of a group of more than 300 American soldiers who were captured by the Germans during the Battle of the Bulge. Because the soldiers were either Jewish or, to the… Read More