Desperado Outpost (1959)

Introduction Desperado Outpost (original title Dokuritsu Gurentai) is a 1959 drama, war film by director Kihachi Okamoto. Outline When Sergeant Okubo’s brother is murdered at a Japanese outpost in Northern China during the Second World War, Okubo poses as a war correspondent and seeks out his brother’s killer. The command is wiped out by Chinese… Read More

Nichiren and the Great Mongol Invasion (1958)

Introduction Nichiren and the Great Mongol Invasion (日蓮と蒙古大襲来, Nichiren to Mōko Daishūrai) is a 1958 Japanese drama film directed by Kunio Watanabe. Outline Nichiren, a famous Japanese Buddhist monk who returns from his studies to create a new form of Buddhism in preparation for fighting the Mongol invaders during the 1200s. A Buddhist sect and… Read More