War Flowers (2012)

Introduction War Flowers is a 2012 American war film written and directed by Serge Rodnunsky and starring Jason Gedrick, Christina Ricci, and Tom Berenger. It is the first feature film having been produced by Unity Studios. Also known as Fighting to Forgive (working title, US). Outline War Flowers is an American Civil War tale about… Read More

Witness in the War Zone (1987)

Introduction Deadline is a 1987 war drama film directed by Nathaniel Gutman. It stars Christopher Walken as journalist Don Stevens, who is set up amidst the Lebanese Civil War and is fed false information. An international co-production of Israel, the United States, and West Germany, the film was shot in Israel. Also known as Deadline… Read More

Komutan (2022)

Introduction Komutan (English: Commander) is an action film by directors Selahattin Sancakli and Mert Kilic. Outline The film is about the clashes with members of a terrorist organisation during this adventure of a team of 4 people assigned to take the bodies of the Turkish soldiers who were killed in Syria , Al-Bab and bring… Read More