On This Day … 29 September [2022]

People (Births) People (Deaths) Trevor Howard Trevor Wallace Howard-Smith (29 September 1913 to 07 January 1988)[2] was an English stage, film, and television actor. After varied work in the theatre, he achieved star status with his role in the film Brief Encounter (1945), followed by The Third Man (1949). He is also known for his… Read More

On This Day … 28 September [2022]

Events People (Births) William S. Paley William Samuel Paley (28 September 1901 to 26 October 1990) was an American businessman, primarily involved in the media, and best known as the chief executive who built the Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) from a small radio network into one of the foremost radio and television network operations in… Read More

On This Day … 27 September [2022]

People (Births) Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa (Japanese: 田川 洋行, Tagawa Hiroyuki; born 27 September 1950) is a Japanese-born American actor, film producer, and martial artist. Often cast as villains, he is known for his film roles in The Last Emperor (1987), the James Bond film Licence to Kill (1989), American Me (1992), Rising Sun (1993),… Read More

On This Day … 09 October [2022]

People (Births) People (Deaths) Freddie Young Frederick A. Young OBE, BSC (09 October 1902 to 01 December 1998) was a British cinematographer. He is probably best known for his work on David Lean’s films Lawrence of Arabia (1962), Doctor Zhivago (1965) and Ryan’s Daughter (1970), all three of which won him Academy Awards for Best… Read More

On This Day … 26 September [2022]

People (Births) People (Deaths) Linda Hamilton Linda Carroll Hamilton (born 26 September 1956) is an American actress. She played Sarah Connor in the Terminator film series and Catherine Chandler in the television series Beauty and the Beast (1987-1990), for which she was nominated for two Golden Globe Awards and an Emmy Award. She also starred… Read More

On This Day … 25 Septmember [2022]

People (Births) Lewis Milestone Aldo Ray Aldo Ray (born Aldo Da Re; 25 September 1926 to 27 March 1991) was an American actor of film and television. He began his career as a contract player for Columbia Studios before achieving stardom through his roles in The Marrying Kind, Pat and Mike (which earned him a… Read More

On This Day … 24 September [2022]

People (Births) People (Deaths) Kevin Sorbo Kevin David Sorbo (born 24 September 1958) is an American actor. He had starring roles in two television series: as Hercules in Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, and as Captain Dylan Hunt in Andromeda. Sorbo is also known for acting in the Christian drama films God’s Not Dead and Let… Read More

On This Day … 23 September [2022]

People (Births) People (Deaths) Anthony Mackie Anthony Dwane Mackie (born 23 September 1978) is an American actor. Mackie made his acting debut starring in the semi-biographical drama film 8 Mile (2002); he was later nominated for the Independent Spirit Award for Best Actor for his performance in the LGBT drama Brother to Brother (2004), and… Read More

On This Day … 22 September [2022]

People (Births) People (Deaths) Martha Scott Martha Ellen Scott (22 September 1912 to 28 May 2003) was an American actress. She was featured in major films such as Cecil B. DeMille’s The Ten Commandments (1956), and William Wyler’s Ben-Hur (1959), playing the mother of Charlton Heston’s character in both films. She originated the role of… Read More

On This Day … 21 September [2022]

People (Births) Larry Hagman Larry Martin Hagman (21 September 1931 to 23 November 2012) was an American film and television actor, director, and producer, best known for playing ruthless oil baron J.R. Ewing in the 1978-1991 primetime television soap opera Dallas and the befuddled astronaut US Air Force Major Anthony Nelson in the 1965-1970 sitcom… Read More