Purple Hearts (1984)

Introduction Purple Hearts is a 1984 war film directed by Sidney J. Furie and starring Ken Wahl and Cheryl Ladd. The screenplay concerns a Navy surgeon and a Navy nurse who fall in love while serving in Vietnam during the war. Their affection for one another provides a striking contrast to the violence of warfare.… Read More

Nichiren and the Great Mongol Invasion (1958)

Introduction Nichiren and the Great Mongol Invasion (日蓮と蒙古大襲来, Nichiren to Mōko Daishūrai) is a 1958 Japanese drama film directed by Kunio Watanabe. Outline Nichiren, a famous Japanese Buddhist monk who returns from his studies to create a new form of Buddhism in preparation for fighting the Mongol invaders during the 1200s. A Buddhist sect and… Read More