Austerlitz (1960)

Introduction Austerlitz (aka The Battle of Austerlitz, English title) is a 1960 French film directed by Abel Gance and starring Jean Marais, Rossano Brazzi, Martine Carol, Jack Palance, Claudia Cardinale, Vittorio De Sica, Orson Welles, Leslie Caron and Jean-Louis Trintignant. Pierre Mondy portrays Napoleon in this film about his victory at the Battle of Austerlitz.… Read More

The Lost Patrol (2013)

Introduction The unusual meeting between three deserters from different nationalities (Brazil, German and Italy) during World War II. Also known as A Montanha (working title), A Estrada 47 (original title), and Road 47 (Brazilian alternative title and US theatrical title). Outline During World War II, looking up the Mountain, in Italy, a Brazilian Expeditionary Force… Read More

No Time For Sergeants (1958)

Introduction No Time for Sergeants is a 1958 American comedy film directed by Mervyn LeRoy starring Andy Griffith and featuring Myron McCormick, Don Knotts and most of the original Broadway cast. Warner Bros. contract player Nick Adams joined the cast as Stockdale’s fellow military draftee Benjamin B. Whitledge, as did Murray Hamilton as Irving S.… Read More

No Time For Sergeants (1955)

Introduction No Time for Sergeants was an American television play that was broadcast by the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) on 15 March 1955, as part of the television series, United States Steel Hour (refer to No Time For Sergeants Franchise). The production starred Andy Griffith who made his television debut in the production. The production… Read More

No Time For Sergeants Franchise

Introduction No Time for Sergeants is a 1954 best-selling novel by Mac Hyman, which was later adapted into a teleplay on The United States Steel Hour, a popular Broadway play and 1958 motion picture, as well as a 1964 television series. The book chronicles the misadventures of a country bumpkin named Will Stockdale who is… Read More