Code Red (2013)

Introduction A Special Forces soldier is sent into Bulgaria when a chemical agent from WWII is uncovered that can reanimate the dead. Outline In World War II, Stalin created a top secret nerve gas, which went missing shortly after the Battle of Stalingrad. Over seventy years later, the horrific biochemical weapon resurfaces in modern day… Read More

Il Pianeta Degli Uomini Spenti (1961)

Introduction Battle of the Worlds (Italian: Il Pianeta degli uomini spenti, lit. ’The Planet of Extinct Men’) is a 1961 Italian science fiction film directed by Anthony Dawson. A runaway asteroid dubbed “The Outsider” mysteriously begins orbiting the Earth and threatens it with lethal flying saucers. The film stars Claude Rains, Bill Carter, and Maya Brent.… Read More

Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter (1974)

Introduction Captain Kronos – Vampire Hunter is a 1974 British swashbuckling action horror film, written and directed by Brian Clemens, produced by Clemens and Albert Fennell for Hammer Film Productions, and starring Horst Janson, John Carson, Shane Briant, and Caroline Munro. Also known as Vampire Castle (UK, working title) and Kronos (US, short title). Outline… Read More

The Objective (2008)

Introduction The Objective is a 2008 science fiction horror film directed by Daniel Myrick, and co-written by Myrick, Mark A. Patton, and Wesley Clark Jr. The film stars Jonas Ball, Matthew R. Anderson, and Michael C. Williams. The plot revolves around CIA Agent Benjamin Keynes recalling the time when he led a Special Forces team… Read More

The Minion (1998)

Introduction The Minion is a 1998 action supernatural horror film directed by Jean-Marc Piché and starring Dolph Lundgren and Françoise Robertson. It was released to television and video in various countries. Also known as Knight of the Apocalypse (Australia), Fallen Knight (Canada, English title), and Armageddon (US working title). Outline The film’s plot revolves around… Read More