Fear the Walking Dead: Dead in the Water (2022): S01E04 – Incoming


Follows the USS Pennsylvania as Riley and crew survive the apocalypse in a submarine.

Part of the Walking Dead franchise. Also known as Dead in the Water: A Fear the Walking Dead Story.


Sneaking through the halls of the USS Pennsylvania as walkers mill around, Riley orders Winokur and Alvarez to go quick, stay together and to remember to aim for the eyes. As they sneak past a corridor full of zombified crewmen, one attacks Alvarez, but is pulled off of him by Winokur who gets bit. Alvarez shoots the walker before killing the bitten Winokur. A horrified Riley demands to know why he killed Winokur, but Alvarez defends himself that Winokur was bitten and he would have turned. A zombified Voss attacks Riley and Alvarez can not get a clean shot, but Riley is saved by McGuire who drops a wrench on Voss’ head from an open hatch above them. Grabbing the wrench, Riley follows Alvarez up the ladder as more walkers close in on them.

Reaching the silo hall, Riley opens the hatch and tells his companions that the weapons’ room is on the other end of the hall. However, it is filled with walkers. A nervous Alvarez refuses, but Riley tells him that the walkers are drawn to noise and to not shoot unless he has to. The three sneak through the hall as walker growls and screams echo around them. Suddenly, Farley emerges, startling Alvarez into accidentally shooting and killing him. Panicking, Alvarez tries to leave through a nearby hatch against Riley’s orders not to open it, but walkers enter through the hatch and devour Alvarez. As Riley and McGuire begin to make a run for it, Riley is attacked by a zombified crewmember who is grabs Riley’s launch key as they struggle. Riley slams the walker face first into a piece of metal, impaling him through the right eye and retrieves the launch key. Reaching the end of the hall, Riley and McGuire are joined by Pierce and Captain Renwick who are still alive, much to Riley’s relief.

Reaching the weapons’ room, Riley shuts off the alarm before Renwick pulls a gun on the other men and demands that they show him their arms. Riley, Pierce and McGuire show him that no one has been bitten and a relieved Renwick lowers his gun. Renwick reveals that he’s already had to put down six of his own men and McGuire and Riley add in their friends that they’ve seen die or had to put down as well while Pierce reassures Renwick that they were not his men anymore. The four men realise that they now have their answer as to why they were taken off of the NATO run and the medevac was not sent for Friedman with Renwick sadly noting that the world must be in chaos. Renwick believes that the Pennsylvania must be all that is left, but Pierce and McGuire are not convinced. Renwick states that they have plans in place for this sort of thing and Riley suggests that for all they know, the missile they have been ordered to fire could stop it. Renwick agrees with Riley and tells Pierce and McGuire that firing the missile is all that matters now. A new message comes through which Riley, McGuire and, reluctantly, Pierce agree is authentic. The launch coordinates print out and after reading them, Renwick tells his men that the target is Chicago and he orders them to prepare to launch.

Fear the Walking Dead: Dead in the Water Series

You can find a full index and overview of Fear the Walking Dead: Dead in the Water here.

Production & Filming Details

  • Release Date: 10 April 2022.
  • Running Time: 40 minutes (per episode).
  • Rating: TV-MA.
  • Country: US.
  • Language: English.

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