Fear the Walking Dead: Dead in the Water (2022): S01E03 – Do What Needs Doing


Follows the USS Pennsylvania as Riley and crew survive the apocalypse in a submarine.

Part of the Walking Dead franchise. Also known as Dead in the Water: A Fear the Walking Dead Story.


Riley lies awake in his bunk when Pierce arrives with a complete message from command ordering the sub to be weapons ready with orders to follow. Riley suggests that command is getting them ready to nuke their own country, pointing out that first they were sent to the Gulf of Mexico and then the Army was deployed. Pierce wonders what’s going on in the outside world, but Riley is more concerned with what’s going on on the sub, wondering what had happened to Friedman. Pierce is confused too, noting that Friedman had been like a rabid dog. Riley asks if Pierce had shown the message to the captain yet and Pierce states that he is on his way there now.

Hearing a strange noise, the two men emerge to find Bacon wandering around nearby strangely. Riley calls out to Bacon who turns around, revealing that he has reanimated. Recognising the danger, Riley stops Pierce from getting too close, only to have Bacon trip over a bulkhead and fall in front of them. As Riley and Pierce pin Bacon down with their feet, Bacon bites at them and Riley realizes that Friedman biting Bacon on the arm had caused his current state. Pierce wonders who had bitten Friedman, but Riley doesn’t know and is more concerned with how they can stop Bacon. Pierce remembers that Riley shooting Friedman in the head had worked before and Riley grabs a nearby fire extinguisher. Stating “let’s do what needs doing,” Riley uses the fire extinguisher to smash in Bacon’s head, putting him down. Riley is stunned that he just killed the XO, but Pierce reassures him that it was no longer Bacon and that Riley did what he had to do. Hearing some more growling from nearby, Riley orders Pierce to find the captain and meet him in the weapons’ room before they go their separate ways.

Moving through the corridors, Riley discovers a group of zombified crewmen eating the body of two crewmen, including Middlebrook, and he activates an alarm, drawing their attention to the siren on the far wall. Riley realises that the walkers are attracted to sound and he manages to slip past as they are distracted by the noise. Stopping for a moment, Riley pulls on his jacket and makes his way to the kitchen where he is horrified to find a zombified Park eating Gonzalez. Grabbing a kitchen knife, Riley begs his friend not to make him do this, but Park attacks. Riley slashes at him with the knife and slams Park’s face down onto the hot stovetop, dropping his knife in the process. Finally, Riley picks up the knife, braces it on the counter and slams Park’s head onto it, putting Park down. Gently lowering his friend’s body to the ground, Riley removes the knife and sadly apologises to Park.

Hearing voices nearby, Riley ushers Winokur and Alvarez inside and locks himself and the other two men in the freezer. Winokur panics at being trapped, causing Alvarez to yell at him before Riley orders him to stop as Winokur is scared enough as it is. A frightened Winokur states that they weren’t trained for this, but Riley reminds him that he was trained to be calm under pressure. Winokur worries about turning into a zombie too and when asked, states that he doesn’t think that he was bit. As a result, Riley reassures Winokur that he won’t turn, but Alvarez warns them that if either one of them does, he will put a bullet in their head. Winokur wonders if this is happening on land too, but Riley isn’t sure. Winokur worries about their families, but Riley tells him to try not to think about it as there’s nothing that they can do for their loved ones from there.

Alvarez believes that this is some kind of an attack and that someone had slipped a nerve agent or something into their air filtration systems. Riley reminds him that everyone is all breathing the same air and wonders why they wouldn’t all be infected then. Alvarez points out that Riley can’t know that they’re not. Riley starts to tell Alvarez about the EAM and protocol, but Alvarez states that protocol went out the window when he had to shoot his TAO in the head and that it is now every man for himself. Riley begins to accuse Alvarez of being a coward, but Alvarez is willing to leave Riley behind, telling him that just because Riley does not care about seeing his family again, it does not mean that the rest of them do not. As the argument begins to escalate into a physical altercation, Winokur comes between the two men and tells them that they will not get out of there alive if they keep fighting each other.

Calming down, Riley tells the other two men that he needs to get to the weapons’ room, but he can’t do it alone. Winokur steps up to help him and Riley hands him the knife, directing Winokur to penetrate the walkers in the skull as it is the only way to kill them. Winokur is hesitant as the crew is like his family, but Riley states that they are not anymore and to aim for the eyes. Winokur asks Alvarez for his gun, but he refuses as Alvarez wants to keep the gun for himself. Riley and Winokur stare at Alvarez who finally agrees to help them. Riley opens the door and the three men exit the freezer.

Fear the Walking Dead: Dead in the Water Series

You can find a full index and overview of Fear the Walking Dead: Dead in the Water here.

Production & Filming Details

  • Release Date: 10 April 2022.
  • Running Time: 40 minutes (per episode).
  • Rating: TV-MA.
  • Country: US.
  • Language: English.

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