Drone (2014)


First aired on 15 April 2014, on the Norwegian TV network Arte, Drone is an English-language documentary film directed by Norwegian director Tonje Hessen Schei. The film explores the use of drones in warfare, and was screened at several film festivals throughout 2014, winning several awards. Drone was released in Norway on February 27, 2015.


The documentary follows people on both sides of the drone technology. The unique access to drone victims in Waziristan is juxtaposed to drone pilots who struggle to come to terms with the new warfare. The film covers diverse and integral ground from the recruitment of young pilots at gaming conventions and the re-definition of “going to war”, to the moral stance of engineers behind the technology, the world leaders giving the secret “green light” to engage in the biggest targeted killing program in history, and the people willing to stand up against the violations of civil liberties and fight for transparency, accountability and justice.

Theatrical Screenings

  • The sales outfit LevelK acquired Drone at the Nordic Film Market at the Gothenburg Film Festival in January 2014.
  • A 58-minute cut of Drone premiered on the TV network Arte on 15 April 2014.
  • A 79-minute cut was edited for subsequent screenings.
  • In October 2014, Drone screened at the Bergen International Film Festival and won Best Norwegian Documentary and the Checkpoint Human Rights awards.
  • In January 2015, it screened at the Tromsø International Film Festival and won the Norwegian Peace Film Award.
  • In the following February, it screened at the Berlin International Film Festival and won the Cinema for Peace award.
  • In the same month, LevelK sold the distribution rights to Drone to several major territories.
Drone (2014)

Television Screenings

  • Released in Norway on 27 February 2015.
  • Released in the United Kingdom on 10 April 10 2015.

Production & Filming Details

  • Directed by Tonje Hessen Schei.
  • Produced by Lars Løge.
  • Music by Olav Øyehaug.
  • Cinematography by Steven Moore and Anna Myking.
  • Edited by Joakim Schager.
  • Production company: Flimmer Film
  • Running time: 58 minutes (TV edit) and 79 minutes (theatrical edit).
  • Country: Norway.
  • Language: English.

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