Making Waves (2004): S01E03


Making Waves was a British television drama series produced by Carlton Television for ITV. It was created by Ted Childs and chronicled the professional and personal lives of the crew of the Royal Navy frigate HMS Suffolk.

The series remained in development hell for several years and was first broadcast on 07 July 2004.

However, due to low ratings it was removed from the schedules after only three episodes, the remainder of the series going unaired on television in the United Kingdom.

Outline (General)

HMS Suffolk is due for Flag Officer Sea Training in four weeks but an accident during training results in the dismissal of the executive officer and the resignation of the captain. The series follows his replacement, Commander Martin Brooke, in his attempts to get his vessel and crew ship-shape for final assessment. Other storylines follow Leading Marine Engineer Artificer (LMEA) Dave Finnan’s relationship with his Charge Chief’s daughter Teresa, the emotional state of Mickey Sobanski after a blundered rescue operation, new rating Rosie Bowen settling into life on her first ship and the budding cross-ranks relationship between officer Sam Quartermaine and medic Anita Cook. Comic relief is provided in the characters of “Scouse” Phillips and Leading Chef Art Francis. Suffolk is mainly based at Portsmouth but engages in exercises such as war games throughout the series, as well as undertaking hazardous rescues of other vessels in the English Channel.

Outline of Series 01, Episode 03

Buffer is accused of assaulting a female crewmember on a stricken protest ship aided by Suffolk, and his career is endangered. Sobanski attends counselling and later confesses his secret to Bowen. Leading Medical Assistant (LMA) Anita Cook tends to a minor injury Sam Quartermaine received. Buffer’s career is safe when the alleged victim of his attack reveals her captain made the story up. Finnan asks Teresa to marry him.

Making Waves Series

Production & Filming Details

  • Creators: Ted Childs and Richard Maher.
  • Directors: Matthew Evans and Nigel Douglas.
  • Producers: Ted Childs, Stephen Smallwood, and Philip Shelley.
  • Writers: Terry Cafolla, Damian Wayling, Niall Leonard, and Matthew Bardsley.
  • Editor: Tim Murrell.
  • Music: Simon Rogers.
  • Release Date: 21 July 2004 (UK).
  • Running Time: 49 minutes.
  • Country: UK.
  • Language: English.

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