Green Dragon (2001)


Green Dragon is a 2001 American drama film directed by Timothy Linh Bui and starring Patrick Swayze, Forest Whitaker and Duong Don.


The film follows the experience of Vietnamese refugees in the United States immediately following the Fall of Saigon at the end of the Vietnam War. Tai Tran (Duong) has been appointed the camp translator by Gunnery Sgt. Jim Lance (Swayze). He has arrived with his sister’s two young children. Their mother is believed to have been lost in the rush to leave Vietnam.

Despite the despair of leaving Vietnam and having to live in an unfamiliar United States, many of the occupants make adjustments. Minh (Nguyen) is silent and solitary until he meets Addie (Whitaker), the camp’s cook. They embark on a friendship to the point where Minh is drawn out of his shell. Meanwhile, Tai and his friend Duc (Tran) find themselves enamored with two female refugees. Tai falls for Thuy Hoa, the daughter of a discredited Vietnamese general. Duc falls back in love with a former girlfriend from Vietnam who is an unhappily married second wife.


  • The story was written by Bui’s younger brother Tony Bui. Both of the brothers came to the United States with their family in 1975, as refugees from Vietnam.
  • The setting of the film is Camp Pendleton in Southern California, where the movie was also filmed.
  • Initially, Bui did not want Patrick Swayze for the role of Jim Lance due to fears that his big name would overshadow the story and message of the small film. However, upon meeting Swayze he changed his mind, as Swayze related to Bui his complete understanding of the film.

Production & Filming Details

  • Director: Timothy Linh Bui.
  • Producers: Tony Bui, Tajamika Paxton, Elie Samaha, and Andrew Stevens.
  • Writers: Timothy Linh Bui and Tony Bui.
  • Music: Jeff Danna and Mychael Danna.
  • Cinematography: Kramer Morgenthau.
  • Editor: Leo Trombetta.
  • Production: Franchise Pictures Classics.
  • Distributor: .Columbia Pictures.
  • Release Date: 19 January 2001 (US).
  • Running Time: 115 Minutes.
  • Country: US.
  • Language: English.

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