Inside Combat Rescue: The Last Stand (2014)


Inside Combat Rescue is a television series on National Geographic Channel.

They are a highly trained mix of medic and special forces combat troops and they are the people that go in when a soldier is down.

Meet the men that brave Afghanistan’s fiercest battles to save a comrade in arms.


The war in Afghanistan is coming to an end and the final fighting season between US forces and Taliban is upon us, a time where attacks and violence are at a high.

It is the Taliban’s last opportunity to damage and kill US Forces before they return home early in 2014.

For the 35,000 plus people who call Bagram Air Base home, this means relying on three specific Air Force units to keep them safe, and alive.

For the past six months Reaper Team 5, an elite unit of the USAF security forces, has been on a manhunt travelling outside the wire to apprehend or kill a high level Taliban leader in the area; a man behind the deaths of numerous Americans, a man considered the biggest threat to the people of Bagram Air Base, a man named Subhanullah.

While Reapers continue the hunt for this man and other international terrorists outside the wire, inside, the 455th Security Forces guard the walls that surround base, protecting against ground attacks, suicide bombs, and vehicle borne IED’s.

To keep those wounded alive, a Rescue Squadron of Pararescueman (PJs) and aircrew is at the ready, prepared to respond at a moment’s notice to fight their way in, and out, to save a wounded soldier or civilian outside the wire, no matter the risk.

All three units rush to action when a Taliban rocket slams onto base, killing four Americans, the deadliest attack on base this year. The attack amplifies the urgency for the Reapers to catch Subhanullah before more lives are lost. They risk IEDs, gunfire, and death heading outside the wire in the hopes of tracking down the elusive killer.

With just days left on their deployment, they find him.

Story Behind Return of the Series

You can read about the ‘Second Series’ of Inside Combat Rescue here.

Inside Combat Rescue Series

A full index of the Inside Combat Rescue series can be found here.

Production & Filming Details

  • Release Date: 15 June 2014 (US).
  • Running Time: 120 minutes.
  • Country: US.
  • Language: English.

YouTube Link

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