NCIS Series 06 Overview (2008-2009)


The sixth season of the police procedural drama NCIS was originally broadcast between 23 September 2008 and 19 May 2009.


The new NCIS Director Leon Vance (played by Rocky Carroll) became a regular cast character and Agent Gibbs’ new team members were introduced: NCIS Agents Michelle Lee from Legal, Daniel Keating from Cybercrime, and Special Agent Brent Langer from the FBI. Langer is killed in the first episode of the season. After the end of the second episode, McGee, Ziva, and Tony return to the team, while Lee and Keating are transferred back to Legal and Cybercrime, respectively.

The two-part episode “Legend” introduced the team who would later go on to appear in the spin-off TV series NCIS: Los Angeles.


  • Main:
    • Mark Harmon as Leroy Jethro Gibbs, NCIS Senior Special Agent (SSA) assigned to Washington’s Navy Yard.
    • Michael Weatherly as Anthony DiNozzo, NCIS Special Agent, second in command.
    • Cote de Pablo as Ziva David, Mossad Officer and Liaison to NCIS.
    • Pauley Perrette as Abigail Sciuto, Forensic Specialist attached to NCIS.
    • Sean Murray as Timothy McGee, NCIS Special Agent.
    • Rocky Carroll as Leon Vance, new NCIS Director.
    • David McCallum as Dr. Donald Mallard, Chief Medical Examiner for NCIS.
  • Also Starring:
    • Brian Dietzen as Jimmy Palmer, Assistant Medical Examiner for NCIS.
  • Recurring:
    • Joe Spano as Tobias Fornell, FBI Senior Special Agent.
    • Muse Watson as Mike Franks, retired Senior Special Agent for NCIS (Gibbs’ old boss).
    • Liza Lapira as Michelle Lee, NCIS Special Agent.
    • David Dayan Fisher as Trent Kort, CIA Agent.
    • Jonathan LaPaglia as Brent Langer, former member of Gibbs’ team, FBI Agent, and re-recruited to NCIS.
    • Aviva Baumann as young Shannon Gibbs, Gibbs’ deceased wife.
    • Michael Nouri as Eli David, Mossad Director (Ziva’s father).
    • Ralph Waite as Jackson Gibbs (Gibbs’ father).
    • Paula Newsome as Jackie Vance, Leon Vance’s wife.
    • Khamani Griffin as Jared Vance, Leon Vance’s son.
    • China Anne McClain as Kayla Vance, Leon Vance’s daughter.
    • Jude Ciccolella as Phillip Davenport, Secretary of the Navy.
    • Merik Tadros as Michael Rivkin, Mossad Agent.
    • Arnold Vosloo as Amit Hadar, Mossad Agent.
    • Omid Abtahi as Saleem Ulman, NCIS target.
  • Guest Appearances:
    • Chris O’Donnell as G. Callen, NCIS Senior Special Agent attached to the Office of Special Projects in Los Angeles (with Hanna, Blye, Getz, and Beale).
    • LL Cool J as Sam Hanna, NCIS Special Agent, second in command (Los Angeles O.S.P.).
    • Louise Lombard as Lara Macy, NCIS Supervisory Special Agent at the O.S.P.
    • Daniela Ruah as Kensi Blye, NCIS Special Agent.
    • Peter Cambor as Nate Getz, NCIS Operational Psychologist.
    • Barrett Foa as Eric Beale, NCIS Technical Analyst.

NCIS Series 06

You can find a full index and overview of the NCIS Franchise here.

Production & Filming Details

  • Creator(s): Donald P. Bellasario and Don McGill.
  • Release Date: 23 September 2008 to 19 May 2009.
  • Running Time: 39-44 minutes.
  • Country: US.
  • Language: English.


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