NCIS Series 08 Overview (2010-2011)


The eighth season of the police procedural drama NCIS was originally broadcast between 21 September 2010 and 17 May 2011.


The season story arc involves Ziva’s largely-unseen boyfriend, Ray, and the CIA continuing to meddle in NCIS’s day-to-day workings.

Notable events include the terrorism and internal affairs threat during the “Enemies” two-parter, and the arrival of another Major Case Response Team from Rota, Spain, the team that Tony was offered to be lead of in the beginning of season four.

The season ends on a five-part story arc involving the Port-to-Port killer that menaced both teams.


  • Main:
    • Mark Harmon as Leroy Jethro Gibbs, NCIS Senior Special Agent (SSA) assigned to Washington’s Navy Yard.
    • Michael Weatherly as Anthony DiNozzo, NCIS Senior Agent, second in command.
    • Cote de Pablo as Ziva David, NCIS junior Agent.
    • Pauley Perrette as Abigail Sciuto, Forensic Specialist attached to NCIS.
    • Sean Murray as Timothy McGee, NCIS junior Special Agent.
    • Rocky Carroll as Leon Vance, NCIS Director.
    • David McCallum as Dr. Donald Mallard, Chief Medical Examiner for NCIS.
  • Also Starring:
    • Brian Dietzen as Jimmy Palmer, Assistant Medical Examiner for NCIS.
  • Recurring:
    • Joe Spano as Tobias Fornell, FBI Senior Special Agent.
    • Muse Watson as Mike Franks, retired Senior Special Agent for NCIS (Gibbs’ old boss).
    • David Dayan Fisher as Trent Kort, CIA Agent.
    • Michael Nouri as Eli David, Mossad Director (Ziva’s father).
    • Ralph Waite as Jackson Gibbs (Gibbs’ father).
    • Jude Ciccolella as Phillip Davenport, departing Secretary of the Navy.
    • Arnold Vosloo as Amit Hadar, Mossad Agent.
    • Robert Wagner as Anthony DiNozzo Sr. (Tony’s father).
    • Diane Neal as Abigail Borin, CGIS Senior Special Agent.
    • TJ Ramini as Malachi Ben-Gidon, Mossad Agent.
    • Marco Sanchez as Alejandro Rivera.
    • Jacqueline Obradors as Paloma Reynosa.
    • Wendy Makkena as Dr. Rachel Cranston, a psychiatrist and Kate’s sister.
    • Michael O’Neill as Riley McCallister, retired Senior Special Agent for NCIS.
    • Sarah Jane Morris as E.J. Barrett, NCIS Senior Special Agent.
    • Matt Willig as Simon Cade, NCIS Special Agent.
    • Alimi Ballard as Gayne Levin, NCIS Special Agent.
    • Matt Craven as Clayton Jarvis, new Secretary of the Navy.
    • Enrique Murciano as Ray Cruz, CIA Agent.
    • Tamer Hassan as Agah Bayar, NCIS target.
    • Kerr Smith as Jonas Cobb, NCIS target and killer of Mike Franks.
  • Guest Appearances:
    • Sasha Alexander as Caitlin Todd, deceased NCIS Special Agent who was killed by Ari Haswari.
    • Jason Beghe as Blake Martin.
    • Tim Kelleher as Chris Pacci, deceased NCIS Special Agent.
    • Meredith Monroe as April Ferris.

NCIS Series 08

You can find a full index and overview of the NCIS Franchise here.

Production & Filming Details

  • Creator(s): Donald P. Bellasario and Don McGill.
  • Release Date: 21 September 2010 to 17 May 2011.
  • Running Time: 39-44 minutes.
  • Country: US.
  • Language: English.


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