Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles TV Series Overview


Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (sometimes abbreviated as Terminator: TSCC or simply TSCC) was an American science fiction television series that aired on Fox from January 2008 to April 2009.

The show was produced by Warner Bros. Television, and C2 Pictures (C2 Pictures was replaced by The Halcyon Company in season two).

It is a spin-off from the Terminator series of films. It revolves around the lives of the fictional characters Sarah and John Connor, following the events of Terminator 02: Judgement Day. The series premiered on Sunday 13 January 2008, on the US television network Fox.


In the year 1995, at the end of Terminator 02: Judgement Day, Sarah Connor, her son John and the 800-series Terminator successfully destroy the T-1000, as well as the arm and CPU chip from the Terminator sent back to 1984 in the first film.

The T-800 from the second film, at its own request, is then also destroyed to eliminate any future technology that could be used to create Skynet through reverse engineering.

Despite this, at the beginning of the television series, a T-888 using the name “Cromartie” is sent back to 1999 to kill John. “Cameron”, a Terminator that John sent back from 2029 to protect his younger self, leaps forward in time with John and Sarah to 2007 to prevent a delayed Judgement Day once and for all.

Now wanted fugitives with the fear of pending leukaemia preying on Sarah’s mind, they must also face the reality that other enemies from the future could be after them.


  • Main:
    • Lena Headey as Sarah Connor.
    • Thomas Dekker as John Connor.
    • Summer Glau as Cameron/Allison Young.
    • Richard T. Jones as James Ellison.
    • Brian Austin Green as Derek Reese.
    • Leven Rambin as Riley Dawson.
    • Garret Dillahunt as Cromartie/John Henry.
    • Shirley Manson as Catherine Weaver.
  • Supporting:
    • Dean Winters as Charley Dixon.
    • Stephanie Jacobsen as Jesse Flores.


  • Production for the series was provided by the Judgement Day and Rise of the Machines producers and C2 Pictures, Sony Pictures Entertainment (International) co-presidents Mario Kassar and Andrew G. Vajna, C2 Senior Vice President James Middleton, David Nutter and Josh Friedman, who not only served as executive producer but also wrote the script for the first two episodes.
  • The pilot episode was filmed primarily in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
    • The principal photography started on 24 January 2007 and took approximately one month to complete.
    • Subsequent episodes in the series were filmed in the backlot of Warner Brothers Studios in Burbank, California, on a set previously used by Gilmore Girls to depict their fictional town, Stars Hollow.
  • The show opened mid-season with a shortened run of nine episodes, January through March 2008.
  • It was the highest-rated new scripted series of the 2007-2008 television season and was renewed for a second season, which began on 08 September 2008, and ended 10 April 2009 (the same year Warner Bros. and the Halcyon Company produced Terminator Salvation).
  • On 18 May 2009, despite fan efforts, Fox Entertainment president Kevin Reilly announced Fox would not renew the show for a third season.
  • Cancellation:
    • Following the announcement of the show’s fate, fans have led numerous campaigns to revive the show ever since.
    • Josh Friedman dismissed crowdfunding in March 2013 due to issues involving holder rights, according to IGN.
    • A movie was also considered, as Thomas Dekker and producer James Middleton confirmed in interviews.
    • Cinemablend chose Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles as one of the “12 Shows Fox Should Be Embarrassed About Canceling” in October 2015.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Series

Terminator Series

Production & Filming Details

  • Creator(s): Josh Friedman.
  • Narrator(s): Lena Headey.
  • Director(s): Charles Beeson (4 episodes, 2008-2009), Jeffrey G. Hunt (3 episodes, 2008-2009), David Nutter (3 episodes, 2008), J. Miller Tobin (2 episodes, 2008-2009), Bryan Spicer (2 episodes, 2008), Guy Norman Bee (2 episodes, 2009), Jeff Woolnough (2 episodes, 2009), Matt Earl Beesley (1 episode, 2008), Milan Cheylov (1 episode, 2008), Holly Dale (1 episode, 2008), Steven DePaul (1 episode, 2008), Bill Eagles (1 episode, 2008), Paul A. Edwards (1 episode, 2008), Félix Enríquez Alcalá (1 episode, 2008), Tawnia McKiernan (1 episode, 2008), Sergio Mimica-Gezzan (1 episode, 2008), Michael Nankin (1 episode, 2008), Scott Peters (1 episode, 2008), Mike Rohl (1 episode, 2008), Guy Ferland (1 episode, 2009), and Scott Lautanen (1 episode, 2009).
  • Producer(s): Josh Friedman (executive producer) (31 episodes, 2008-2009), Mario Kassar (executive producer/producer) (31 episodes, 2008-2009), Joel B. Michaels (executive producer) (31 episodes, 2008-2009), James Middleton (executive producer/consulting producer) (31 episodes, 2008-2009), Andrew G. Vajna (executive producer) (31 episodes, 2008-2009), Natalie Chaidez (co-executive producer/consulting producer) (30 episodes, 2008-2009), Jill Danton (producer) (30 episodes, 2008-2009), Toni Graphia (co-executive producer) (30 episodes, 2008-2009), John Wirth (executive producer) (30 episodes, 2008-2009), Hadley Klein (consulting producer) (22 episodes, 2008-2009), Ashley Miller (co-producer) (22 episodes, 2008-2009), Hilton Smith (co-producer) (22 episodes, 2008-2009), Zack Stentz (co-producer) (22 episodes, 2008-2009), Jessie Ward Dugan (co-producer) (21 episodes, 2008-2009), John Enbom (supervising producer/producer) (21 episodes, 2008), Aaron Miller (associate producer) (9 episodes, 2008), Drew Matich (co-producer) (3 episodes, 2008), Charlie Goldstein (producer) (1 episode, 2008), and David Nutter (executive producer) (1 episode, 2008).
  • Writer(s): James Cameron (31 episodes, 2008-2009), Josh Friedman (developed for television by) (31 episodes, 2008-2009), Gale Anne Hurd (31 episodes, 2008-2009), Denise Thé (30 episodes, 2008-2009), Ian Goldberg (12 episodes, 2008-2009), Ashley Miller (8 episodes, 2008-2009), Zack Stentz (8 episodes, 2008-2009), Natalie Chaidez (7 episodes, 2008-2009), Toni Graphia (5 episodes, 2008-2009), Daniel T. Thomsen (4 episodes, 2008-2009), John Wirth (4 episodes, 2008-2009), and John Enbom (2 episodes, 2008).
  • Music: Brad Fiedel (theme music composer) and Bear McCreary (composer).
  • Cinematography: Stephen Collins (24 episodes), Bill Roe (7 episodes), and Joseph D. Urbanczyk (1 episode).
  • Editor(s): Heather MacDougall (11 episodes, 2008-2009), Scott Gamzon (10 episodes, 2008-2009), Vikash Patel (7 episodes, 2008-2009), Paul Karasick (4 episodes, 2008), and Sarah Boyd (1 episode, 2008).
  • Production: Sarah Connor Pictures, Bartleby Company, C2 Pictures (season 01), The Halcyon Company (season 02), SyFy, and Warner Bros. Television.
  • Distributor(s): Warner Bros. Television Distribution.
  • Release Date: 13 January 2008 and 10 April 2009.
  • Running Time: 43 minutes.
  • Rating: TV-PG.
  • Country: US.
  • Language: English.

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