X Company TV Series Overview


X Company is a Canadian/Hungarian spy thriller television series created by Flashpoint’s Mark Ellis and Stephanie Morgenstern which premiered on 18 February 2015 on CBC Television.

The series takes place during World War II, and follows five recruits as they are trained as agents at a secret Canadian training facility, Camp X near Lake Ontario east of Toronto and then sent out into the field in Europe.

The final episode of the series aired on CBC on 15 March 2017.


Set in the thrilling and dangerous world of WWII, follows the stories of five highly skilled young recruits, torn from their ordinary lives to train as agents in an ultra-secret facility.


  • Evelyne Brochu … Aurora Luft.
  • Jack Laskey … Alfred Graves.
  • Warren Brown … Neil Mackay.
  • Connor Price … Harry James.
  • Dustin Milligan … Tom Cummings.
  • Hugh Dillon … Duncan Sinclair.
  • Lara Jean Chorostecki … Krystina Breeland.
  • Torben Liebrecht … Franz Faber.
  • Livia Matthes … Sabine Faber.
  • Francois Arnaud … Rene Villiers.


X Company had been an idea being considered for over a dozen years by creators Mark Ellis and Stephanie Morgenstern. They made a short film entitled Remembrance which did well enough on the festival circuit to encourage them to develop a feature script which eventually became X Company.

Originally titled Camp X, the series was filmed in Budapest, Hungary, from August to October 2014, and in Orlovat, Serbia and is a Canadian-Hungarian co-production. X Company is inspired by the real spy training facility, Camp X, which was located between Whitby and Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.

Season 2 filmed for four months in Budapest, and Esztergom, Hungary beginning in July 2015. Season 2 aired on 27 January 2016 on CBC.

Season 3, the final of the series, was also filmed in and around Budapest, Hungary; location work was completed in November 2016 and the premiere was on 11 January 2017.

X Company Series

Production & Filming Details

  • Creator(s): Mark Ellis and Stephanie Morgenstern.
  • Director(s): Jamie Magnus Stone (4 episodes, 2015-2016), Grant Harvey (4 episodes, 2016-2017), Amanda Tapping (4 episodes, 2016-2017), David Frazee (2 episodes, 2015), John Strickland (2 episodes, 2015), Craig Viveiros (2 episodes, 2015), Kelly Makin (2 episodes, 2016), Andy Mikita (2 episodes, 2016), Paolo Barzman (2 episodes, 2017), Julian Gilbey (2 episodes, 2017), and Stephanie Morgenstern (2 episodes, 2017).
  • Producer(s): Mark Ellis, Stephanie Morgenstern, David Fortier, Bill Haber, and Ivan Schneeberg.
  • Writer(s): Mark Ellis (co-writer) (20 episodes, 2015-2017), Stephanie Morgenstern (co-writer) (20 episodes, 2015-2017), Daniel Godwin (story editor) (12 episodes, 2015-2017), Jillian Locke (10 episodes, 2016-2017), Nicolas Billon (10 episodes, 2017), Hannah Moscovitch (executive story editor) (9 episodes, 2015-2016), Alex Levine (creative consultant) (8 episodes, 2015), Denis McGrath (4 episodes, 2015-2016), Adam Pettle (story consultant) (4 episodes, 2015), Sandra Chwialkowska (4 episodes, 2016-2017), Julie Puckrin (2 episodes, 2017), Derek Schreyer (1 episode, 2015), and Adam Barken (1 episode, 2016).
  • Music: Ari Posner and Amin Bhatia.
  • Cinematography: Michael Marshall and Stphan Pehrsson.
  • Editor(s): Lisa Grootenboer, Jean Coulombe, Teresa De Luca, Roger Mattiussi, and Hugh Elchuk.
  • Production: Temple Street Productions and Pioneer Stillking Films.
  • Distributor(s): Sony Pictures Television.
  • Original Network: CBC Television.
  • Release Date: 18 February 2015 to 15 March 2017.
  • Running Time: 44 minutes.
  • Rating: TV-PG.
  • Country: Canada.
  • Language: English and German.

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