The Expanse (2019): S04E05 – Oppressor


The Expanse is an American science fiction television series developed by Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby, based on the series of novels of the same name by James S.A. Corey.

The series is set in a future where humanity has colonised the Solar System. It follows a disparate band of antiheroes – United Nations Security Council member Chrisjen Avasarala (Shohreh Aghdashloo), police detective Josephus Miller (Thomas Jane), ship’s officer James Holden (Steven Strait) and his crew – as they unwittingly unravel and place themselves at the centre of a conspiracy which threatens the system’s fragile state of Cold War.


Avasarala and Gao’s first public debate, during which Avasarala’s attempt to use accusations of nepotism against Gao backfires, is cut short by a security threat; an unidentified ship, initially claiming to be a civilian ship experiencing a system failure, has diverted course toward an Earth asteroid defense platform and gone silent. After the ship is identified as the Sojourner, Avasarala orders its destruction. On Ilus, the Earthers and Belters face off in a tense showdown. Holden reveals his alien connection and reactivation of the alien technology to the settlers to convince both factions into leaving Ilus, but it only further inflames the situation. Lucia and her husband, Jakob, have an argument over her part in the downing and their family falling apart. Feeling guilty, Lucia attempts suicide; Alex saves her, and Naomi counsels her on dealing with guilt, drawing from her own past. An island on the other side of Ilus explodes, causing a shock wave to begin traversing the planet’s surface.

The Expanse Series

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Production & Filming Details

  • Director(s): Jeff Woolnough.
  • Writer(s): Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck.
  • Release Date: 12 December 2019.
  • Running Time: 42-53 minutes (per episode).
  • Rating: TV-14/15.
  • Country: US.
  • Language: English.

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