Sea Patrol (2010): S04E16 – In Too Deep


The fourth season of the Australian drama Sea Patrol began airing as Sea Patrol 4: The Right Stuff on 15 April 2010. Most regular cast members have returned.


While docked at Orlan Island, Mike leaps to the rescue of the baby son of a grateful Anton Gorski (Valentino Del Toro), who had fallen off the wharf in a carriage. Later, Maxine gives Mike a list of candidate COs to replace him, but he rejects them as unsuitable so she asks him to make his own list, and he adds Kate’s name to the top.

Hammersley receives a pan-pan call from Stuart Mason (Jason Hayes), captain of an oceanographic vessel, who had spotted a body being dumped from a fishing boat. After retrieving the body, identified as a drug smuggler, the crew boards a nearby fishing vessel matching the description given by Mason, but find nothing. Back on Hammersley the CO asks Kate to retrieve something from his cabin where is inadvertently sees the list of commander candidates and misunderstands Mike’s earlier statement about those on it, thinking he believes to be one of those unfit for command. She decides to transfer off the ship.

Back on shore, Mike runs into Mason in a bar and they get talking. After helping him back to his ship, Mike is mistaken for Mason by a drug smuggler, Cavenaugh, who is looking to hire the oceanographic vessel to search for a minisub. Mike manages to leave a message for Kate, however while Mike is making the call, Cavenaugh finds the real Captain Mason and takes Mike captive. Upon locating the mini-sub Cavenaugh’s team recover their drugs and rendezvous with their boss. Deciding Mike has served his purpose they decide to force him into the sub, but in the process Mike recognises the boss as Anton Gorski.

Managing to track down the oceanographic vessel Hammersley’s crew board and finds Gorski’s wife, Sylvanna, (Alin Sumarwata) tied up. She tells them that Anton is taking the sub, with Mike inside, to deep water to sink it. As the RHIB arrives at the sub it explodes, and to the crews horror and disbelief they can only assume that Mike is, forcing Kate to become acting CO.

Maxine reassures Kate she is fit to take command of the Hammersley, explaining that Mike has recommended her for the role, and Kate realises she misunderstood the list she had seen previously in his office. Gorski’s ship is located. Ignoring protocol, a distraught Kate leads the boarding party and confronts Anton at gun point about the murder of Mike Flynn, Anton says nothing and Swain manages to talk Kate down from shooting Anton.

Desperate with grief, Kate collapses in the cabin where she hears noises from an adjoining room. On investigate she finds Mike, gagged and beaten, but still alive. Anton had spared him in gratitude for saving his baby.

Sea Patrol Series

You can find a full index and overview of Sea Patrol here.

Production & Filming Details

  • Release Date: 29 July 2010.
  • Running Time: 42 minutes.
  • Rating: 12+.
  • Country: US.
  • Language: English.

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