Foxtrot Six (2019)


Foxtrot Six is ​​an Indonesian science fiction action film that premiered on 21 February 2019.

The film was directed by Randy Korompis as his directorial debut, and co-produced with Mario Kassar, a veteran Hollywood film producer known for films such as Terminator 02: Judgement Day, and Manoj Punjabi under the production house MD Entertainment and Rapid Eye Pictures.


One day in 2019, former Indonesian marine Angga Saputra (Oka Antara) met his girlfriend Sari Nirmala (Julie Estelle) the journalist, proposed her and offering an engagement ring. Due to her job and pursuing the news on a newly democratically elected president, Indra, she left him with the crew to Solo for interviewing him. Turned out, at the day, a revolution led by PIRANAS broke. She and the elected president declared missing and feared to be killed among many during the revolution.

Angga later wake up after a night stand. Time moved forward, and now is 2031. It is revealed that he actually a PIRANAS cadre and now is a congressman of the party. It also revealed that he is also renowned for drafting an unfair farmer bill (the bill later signed into the law by the president) which enabling PIRANAS to monopolised Indonesian food stocks distribution, leading Indonesia famine become widespread. Due to his act, the Four Horsemen of PIRANAS Party: President of Indonesia Ahmad Barona, Media mogul and Head of PIRANAS propaganda affairs Hengky Laksono (Ario Prabowo), GERRAM paramilitary commander General Adnan Atmadja (Otig Pakis), and the Party Chairman Farid Baskoro (Joshua Pandelaki) invited him for a secret high-level talk in PIRANAS HQ. Here, Angga meet his supervisor, R. Soeganda (Cok Simbara), a PIRANAS elite cadre and a senator. After introduced by Soeganda, Angga later revealed to the Four Horsemen about while the power PIRANAS grip is increasing, due to food and economy crisis, a rival power called “Reform” is rising. The “Reform” described as rebel group which rising as result as the crisis and offering hope to the poor. As its power rising, Angga proposed military approach to deal with the rebels and proposed a black ops project “Patriot Act” to kill the Reform, promising the rebel movement will died out, and the party image will uplifted. In turn, Angga wanted 1 % PIRANAS generated revenue per year as the fee.

The four horsemen accepted, however, Angga cannot lead the death squad. The four horsemen choose Wisnu Nugroho (Edward Akbar), an ardent PIRANAS cadre and fanatical GERRAM executive officer as the head of the operation instead. Angga and Soeganda displeased as they know Wisnu bad track record and his sadistic tendencies, although the four horsemen much favoured Wisnu mind over Angga. Angga reluctantly sending the accepted proposal to Wisnu at GERRAM secret HQ in Jakarta. At first, Wisnu pleased with the proposal and showed Angga recent US gadgets to combat the Reform worn by Wisnu’s righthandmen, Gecko (Godfred Orindeod) and Aula (Norman R. Akyuwen). During an argument with Angga, Wisnu draw his gun and threatened Angga. Angga, realised that they are spied by a drone. Knowing this, Wisnu and his men pursuing the drone. Leaving Angga alone which walked away to the street. Angga spotted a mysterious Spec (Chicco Jerikho) controlling the drone. Realised that he is spotted, Spec flee the scene into the alley. After a brief fight, Angga threatened to harm Spec with his gun. From the darkness, the Reforms show up and catch Angga. Angga later knocked out by Spec.

The Reforms later bring Angga into a cell. After fighting with his kidnappers, Sari show up. Angga surprised. Sari later revealed that if she know that Angga is PIRANAS cadre for long time and know much about PIRANAS corrupt acts. When the Revolution broke, Sari and the president-elect Indra went into hiding and founded the Reform, in order to topple the corrupt regime. She also revealed, during her run, she gave birth Dinda (Gisellma Firmansyah), her daughter with Angga. Wisnu, Gecko, Aula, and GERRAM’s death squad later ambushed them. During the skirmish, many Reforms killed, Gecko harmed seriously, and Angga, Dinda, Sari, and Spec escaped. Wisnu later declared that Angga now is a Reform collaborator and traitor of the country, and their name later added to GERRAM top kill list.

Spec bring Angga, Sari, and Dinda to a ruined mall. It is revealed that the now slum mall actually is a shelter where many Indra men, electors, supporters, and many displaced people are hiding from GERRAM brutality. Indra revealed their men condition in the slum to Angga. Angga asked for a call to Soeganda, it is revealed by Soeganda that Angga’s “Patriot Act” Project already skewed and altered by Wisnu. Angga later realised his mistake and resolved to help the people. He later collected his former team (Foxtrot 5) in Marine: Oggi (Verdi Solaiman), Bara (Rio Dewanto), Tino (Arifin Putra), and Ethan (Mike Lewis). After his former team reassembled, together with Spec, the team now known as Foxtrot 6, unofficially.

During recruiting Ethan, Ethan accidentally turned his webcam on, due to being recruited during his vlogging. They asked Ethan to infiltrate PIRANAS server, where they learned about PIRANAS plan to kill some of its top members, including Soeganda, as false-flag operation to put blame to the Reform and enabling mass state-sanctioned genocide event to purge any voice opposing the PIRANAS and Ahmad administration. Due to Ethan clumsiness, it enabling them to be tracked by Aula and his death squad detachment. Spec warned the Foxtrot 6 and they escaped. During the escape, they able to destroy Ethan computer, but Aula recovered the Foxtrot 5 members past group photo, enabling them to be tracked further.

At the D-day of the plan, Wisnu and his man attacking the senators convoy, killing Policemen and senate’s guards. The Reforms managed to safe them. When they returned, they learned that Wisnu already killed nearly all Indra’s men, sparing Indra, Dinda and some old and sick men locked in a freight elevator. Wisnu tricked Angga to spell a password that ignited the bomb that already rigged across the building. Wisnu also managed to hang all senators brutally and videotaped their death as false evidence to incite and legitimised PIRANAS’s state-sanctioned genocide. The building exploded afterwards. Sari killed after sacrificing herself during the blast.

Spec later informed the military, Indonesian Marines. Some of troops sent to look after survivors of the explosion. It later revealed that one among many send by the Marines is Sergeant N. “Raya” Pratama (Aurélie Moeremans), which formerly tasked as Angga’s chauffeur and congressman’s guard. With her help, The Foxtrot 6 gained equipment, borrowed plane and parachuting to PIRANAS complex. Across the country, PIRANAS and government aired the senators killing video over and over, leading people angry and riled them into frenzy.

In PIRANAS complex, the Foxtrot 6 successfully infiltrated the complex. A skirmish broke. Facing superior GERRAM power over them in number and weaponry, they able to breach PIRANAS security. In the skirmish, many members of GERRAM killed by Foxtrot 6. Aula killed by Bara, and Gecko killed by Spec. In Foxtrot 6 side, Oggi and Ethan meet their demise. PIRANAS also lost two of its Four Horsemen, Gen. Adnan killed by Ethan and Hengky is shot by Wisnu to stop him to confess and avoiding the leak. The party chairman, Farid, somehow escaped. The President Ahmad later showed up with his guards, destroyed Hengky’s confession, and leaving to Istana Negara with his guards. Wisnu later asked why Angga dared to against the party and government, telling that people is useless and worth to be exterminated. Disagreed with Wisnu, Angga later exploding the room’s ceiling and buried many Wisnu men and Ethan. Fighting ensued at the helipad between Angga and Wisnu. Wisnu shot Angga with his last bullet, seemingly killing him and taunting over his body.

At Istana Negara, Ahmad later re-aired the senators killing video during the gathering and announced an enabling law which enabling people to kill any Reform members and all PIRANAS oppositions, justifying state-wide genocide across Indonesia committed by their people (mimicking Indonesian mass killings of 1965–66 event). Soon, another video played. Turned out, it is Ahmad itself. His conversation with Angga unknowingly recorded by Ethan’s gadget, which Ethan recorded soon before his demise. Since Angga aired it using PIRANAS exclusive Emergency Broadcasting Channel, making it impossible to be turned off as its kill switch located in PIRANAS HQ. Realised what actually happened, public support over PIRANAS dropped immediately and people become angry due to government lying to them. They later stormed the Istana Negara and dismantled any PIRANAS attributes and many of PIRANAS and GERRAM members mauled by angry people. Outside the burning PIRANAS HQ, Wisnu and his surviving men attempted to flee, only to be encountered by angry villagers that waiting for them. The angry villagers later brutally killed Wisnu and his men, as he was brutally many people he killed before.

A week after the incident, Angga and Bara attending burial of the fallen attended by Marines, including Sari, Oggi, and Ethan. Angga added an empty casket filled with a sniper rifle for Spec, as his body not found. Bara also revealed that Tino bailed out and just away without any talk. In other place, Ahmad administration collapsed. President Ahmad later captured by law enforcement and currently awaiting his trial. Ahmad’s cabinet and PIRANAS Party dissolved on all level. Many members of his cabinets and party elites being hunted by law enforcement as the fugitive. During the day in a peaceful protest, Angga meet his daughter again. They later walked away in better Indonesia, no longer living in fear and now free.

Somewhere, in an US Marine Base, it is revealed that Spec actually still alive and he taking flight with many US Marines giving him salute, hinting that Spec actually an US Marine operative. Since US aided GERRAM equipment in the beginning of the film, and revelation that Spec actually an US Marine operative working in the Reform side, it make the involvement of US during the events of the film is up to the audience’s imagination.

In post-credit scene, an ad of Kit-Kat played where Angga, Oggi, Tino, and Ethan received a box full of Kit-Kat from an unknown person. They rushed taking it.


  • Oka Antara as Lieutenant (Retired) Angga Saputra/The Congressman.
    • A retired lieutenant of Indonesian Marine and former leader and strategist of Marine’s Foxtrot 5 Team.
    • After retired from Marine and becoming a PIRANAS cadre, he raised his rank and become the congressman.
    • Defected the party, sided to The Reform, and leading The Reform’s Foxtrot 6 Team to topple the corrupt regime.
  • Chicco Jerikho as Spec.
    • A mysterious The Reform operatives.
    • An hand-to-hand combatant expert and also sniper expert of The Reform’s Foxtrot 6.
    • Later revealed as an US Marine operative.
  • Verdi Solaiman as Oggi.
    • Former Indonesian Marine operatives and demolition expert of Marine’s Foxtrot 5 Team
    • Joining The Reform’s Foxtrot 6.
  • Rio Dewanto as Bara.
    • Former Indonesian Marine operatives and hand-to-hand combatant expert of Marine’s Foxtrot 5 Team.
    • Turned into street fighter after retirement.
    • Joining The Reform’s Foxtrot 6.
  • Arifin Putra as Tino.
    • Former Indonesian Marine operatives and map expert of Marine’s Foxtrot 5 Team.
    • Fired from Marine for “insubordination”, and briefly joined PIRANAS HQ construction works only to be fired again for unknown reason.
    • He actually quite gifted with eidetic memory and able to memorise PIRANAS HQ delicate design floor-by-floor.
    • Joining The Reform’s Foxtrot 6.
  • Mike Lewis as Ethan Suryadi.
    • Former Indonesian Marine operatives and tech expert of Marine’s Foxtrot 5 Team.
    • The most geek member of The Reform’s Foxtrot 6.
  • Miller Khan as Former President-elect Indra Siswadi.
    • Described as president with full of hope for Indonesia and said even able to change the world.
    • After his fall, he lost everything, powers, and will to be a president.
    • Despite that, he still willing to protect his people from PIRANAS oppression and founded The Reform.
  • Julie Estelle as Sari Nirmala.
    • Former journalist-turned-rebel.
    • Co-founder of The Reform.
  • Gisellma Firmansyah as Dinda.
    • Daughter of Sari and Angga.
  • Edward Akbar as Wisnu Nugroho.
    • An ardent PIRANAS cadre and GERRAM executive officer.
    • Renowned as master tactician and skilled hand-to-hand combatant.
    • Due to his brutality, he feared by many.
  • Norman R. Akyuwen as H. Aula.
    • Wisnu’s henchmen and a ruthless fighter.
  • Godfred Orindeod as Gecko.
    • Wisnu’s henchmen and a ruthless fighter and spear-fighting master.
    • His favourite gadget is invisibility cloak, which enabling him to blend near-perfectly with his surrounding.
  • Willem Bevers as President Ahmad Barona.
    • A PIRANAS cadre that came into power by usurping the rightful president-elect.
  • Cok Simbara as Senator R. Soeganda.
    • Superior of Angga in PIRANAS Party.
  • Aurélie Moeremans as Sergeant N. “Raya” Pratama.
    • An Indonesian Marine operative.
    • Previously also assigned as Angga’s chauffeur and congressman’s guard.
  • Ario Prabowo as Media mogul and Head of PIRANAS Propaganda Affairs Hengky Laksono.
  • Otig Pakis as General Adnan Atmadja.
    • Commander of GERRAM, PIRANAS armed-wing.
  • Joshua Pandelaki as PIRANAS party chairman Farid Baskoro.
  • Dayu Wijanto as Oggi’s mother


Foxtrot Six is directorial debut of Randy Korompis, a former cameraman of Screenplay (2011) and Hollywood Seagull (2013). The production phase of Foxtrot Six took unusually long time. The screenwriting wrote since 2010, pre-production at 2015, started filming at 2017, and finally released at 2019. Overall, the production spanned across 9 years. Mario Kassar, executive producer of Terminator and Rambo franchise, became the executive producer of this film.

Foxtrot Six also renowned as the first Indonesian film that use CGI fully. The CGI process was handled and/or supervised by Andrew Juano, who succeeded in handling CGI of The Walking Dead and Life of Pi.


The film released in Indonesia on 21 February 2019.

Reception of Foxtrot Six quite mixed.


  • The production of this film spent a budget of up to IDR 70 billion which was considered the largest for an Indonesian action film when it was released.
  • Unlike most Indonesian films that using Indonesian language, the language used in the dialogue of this film uses English, due to be marketed in the international market.
  • This film stars Indonesia’s top artists such as Oka Antara, Verdi Solaiman, Chicco Jerikho, Arifin Putra and Rio Dewanto.
  • The choreography of the fighting action in this film is handled by Iko Uwais’ ‘Uwais Team’ fighting choreography team.

Production & Filming Details

  • Director(s): Randy Korompis.
  • Producer(s):
    • Mario Kassar.
    • Randy Korompis.
    • Guillaume Catala.
    • Henry Djunaedi.
    • Wanyi Hindrawan Pratiknyo.
    • Andreas Ian Tika.
    • Dhamoo Punjabi.
    • Manoj Punjabi.
    • Albert Balink.
  • Writer(s): Randy Korompis.
  • Music: Rob Powers.
  • Cinematography: Ical Tanjung.
  • Editor(s): Denny R. Rihardie.
  • Production: MD Pictures and Rapid Eye Pictures.
  • Distributor(s): MD Pictures.
  • Release Date: 21 February 2019.
  • Running Time: 114 minutes.
  • Rating: Unknown.
  • Country: Indonesia.
  • Language: English.

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