Bomb Girls (2013): S02E03 – The Enemy Within


Bomb Girls is a Canadian television drama that debuted on 04 January 2012.

The plot profiles the stories of four women working in a Canadian munitions factory during World War II, beginning in 1941.

Originally intended to be a six-part drama mini-series, two seasons have aired.


When Gladys finds out about Marco’s father being held in an internment camp in Petawawa, she asks her father for his help in getting Marco’s father a hearing. She accompanies Marco and Mrs. Moretti on a trip to the internment camp, but the trip leads to disaster, with Gladys, Marco, and Mrs. Moretti being held prisoner overnight. Kate has taken up drinking to cope with her depression and Leon suggests that Betty take Kate to his church for cheering up; Betty finds enlightenment in Leon’s sermon and subsequently breaks up with Ivan. Meanwhile, Lorna attempts to teach life skills classes at VicMu, Bob looks for a job, and their son Eugene returns home on leave.

Bomb Girls Series

You can find a full index and overview of Bomb Girls here.

Production & Filming Details

  • Release Date: 16 January 2013.
  • Running Time: 45 minutes.
  • Rating: 12.
  • Country: UK.
  • Language: English.

Video Link

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