Foyle’s War (2010): S06E03 – The Hide


Foyle’s War is a British detective drama television series set during (and shortly after) the Second World War, created by Midsomer Murders screenwriter and author Anthony Horowitz and commissioned by ITV after the long-running series Inspector Morse ended in 2000.

It began broadcasting on ITV in October 2002. ITV director of programmes Simon Shaps cancelled Foyle’s War in 2007, but complaints and public demand prompted Peter Fincham (Shaps’ replacement) to revive the programme after good ratings for 2008’s fifth series. The final episode was broadcast on 18 January 2015, after eight series.


Foyle finally leaves Hastings Police Station to his successor, DCS Clarke. As he returns home, he sees a headline about James Devereaux, the son of a distinguished local family arrested for joining the British Free Corps. Based on an earlier connection to the family, he undertakes a personal investigation of the case. He visits Devereaux’s lawyer then Devereaux in his cell and finds a damaged young man unwilling to fight his treason case. Meanwhile, DI Milner is investigating the murder of Agnes Littlejohn, a researcher for Sir Charles Devereaux. The cases soon merge through Jack Stanford, a comrade of Devereaux in the Free Corps, who assumes the identity of “Jack” and murders Littlejohn, Devereaux’s childhood friend and the recipient of his coded intelligence letters. The final revelation is that Devereaux’s father murdered his mother (as their young son, nicknamed “Jack”, watched unnoticed from a bird hide) to avoid the family shame of a divorce.


  • Series Six was broadcast in the United States on PBS stations on Masterpiece Mystery! as Foyle’s War VI on 02, 09 and 16 May 2010, and on Netflix as of April 2014.
  • Set: August 1945.
  • Guests: Max Brown, Georgie Glen, Richard Goulding, Anastasia Hille, Will Keen, Steven Pacey, Joseph Kloska, Hugh Ross, Andrew Scott, Maggie Service, David Yelland, Dominic Jephcott, Kirsty Besterman, and Rupert Frazer.
  • After his resignation, Foyle makes plans to go to the US aboard Queen Mary to “tie up some loose ends” – an oblique reference to his determination to bring Howard Paige to justice, since he was unable to in the episode “Fifty Ships“. We also learn of Jane Devereaux’s involvement as a nurse in Foyle’s recuperation from injuries in WW1. This episode not only sees the final appearance of Anthony Howell as Milner, but also sees the budding relationship between Stewart and Wainwright bloom into an engagement at Hill House.
  • The episode prologues with the firebombing of Dresden in February 1945 and ends by highlighting the role of Queen Mary in repatriating returning US troops. It also introduces MI9, whose primary role was to support available European Resistance networks. The Devereaux estate, referred to as Whitefriar in the episode, is fictional but loosely based on the life of William Devereux. In terms of production, there was a three year gap before the next series aired in 2013.

Foyle’s War Series

You can find a full index and overview of Foyle’s War here.

Production & Filming Details

  • Release Date: 25 April 2010.
  • Running time: 89 minutes.
  • Rating: 15.
  • Country: UK.
  • Language: English.

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