The Real Bravo Two Zero (2003)


Bravo Two Zero is the most famous special forces patrol of recent years – eight SAS soldiers dropped on a dare devil mission behind enemy lines against impossible odds during the Gulf War. Three of the soldiers died, four were captured and one escaped. The story is familiar to millions through books written by two of the survivors under the pseudonyms Andy McNab and Chris Ryan.

This episode is part of The True Story documentary series (2002-2013), a documentary style show talking about real life events from some of the most popular movies.


‘Bravo Two Zero’ was the code-name of the famous SAS operation: a classic story of bravery in the face of overwhelming odds. BRAVO TWO ZERO by patrol commander ‘Andy McNab’ became an international bestseller, as did the book by ‘Chris Ryan’ (THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY). Both men became millionaires. Three members of the patrol were killed. One, veteran sergeant Vince Phillips, was blamed in both books for a succession of mistakes.

As Michael Asher reveals, the stories in BRAVO TWO ZERO and THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY grew considerably in the telling. Their heroic tales of taking out tanks with their rocket launchers, mowing down hundreds of Iraqi soldiers, the silent stabbing of the occasional sentry, were never mentioned at their post-war debriefings… In an investigation literally in the footsteps of the patrol, Michael Asher tells the true story.


  • Abbas … Self – Witness.
  • Alhaj Abdullah … Self – Witness.
  • Achmed … Self – Witness.
  • Adell … Self – witness.
  • Michael Asher … Self.
  • Hijun … Self – Witness.
  • Mohammed … Self – Witness.
  • Tim Pigott-Smith … Self – Narrator (voice).
  • Peter Ratcliffe … Self.
  • Supi … Self – Witness.

Production & Filming Details

  • Director(s):
    • Gavin Searle.
  • Producer(s):
    • Beth Holgate.
  • Writer(s):
  • Music:
  • Cinematography:
  • Editor(s):
    • Benedict Jackson.
  • Production:
    • Total Content Digital.
  • Distributor(s):
  • Release Date: 17 April 2003 (UK).
  • Running time: 50 minutes.
  • Rating: 13+.
  • Country: UK.
  • Language: English.

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