Le Colonel Chabert (1943)


Colonel Chabert (French: Le colonel Chabert) is a 1943 French drama film directed by René Le Hénaff, starring Raimu, Marie Bell, Aimé Clariond and Jacques Baumer.

See also Le Colonel Chabert (1994).


It tells the story of a French officer who is assumed dead during the Napoleonic Wars, but returns ten years later to a very different France, both on a political and personal level. The film is based on the novel Colonel Chabert by Honoré de Balzac. James Travers has written, “This superlative adaptation of Balzac’s great novel was one of a number of prestigious film productions made under the Occupation (1940–1944).”

A later film adaptation of the Balzac story, with Gerard Depardieu in the lead, was released in 1994.


  • Raimu as Le colonel Chabert.
  • Marie Bell as La comtesse Ferraud.
  • Jacques Baumer as Delbecq.
  • Aimé Clariond as Maître Derville.
  • Fernand Fabre as Le comte Ferraud.
  • Suzanne Flon as Albertine.
  • Pierre Alcover as Le directeur de l’asile.
  • Roger Blin as Un clerc.
  • Jacques Charon as Un clerc.
  • Pierre Brulé as le fils Ferraud.
  • Arlette Wherly as la fille Ferraud.

Colonel Chabert Series

  • Colonel Chabert (1832, novel outline).
  • Le Colonel Chabert (1911) (French).
  • Colonel Chabert (1920) (German).
  • Il Colonello Chabert (1920) (Italian).
  • Man Without a Name (Mensch ohne Namen) (1932) (German).
  • Le Colonel Chabert (1943) (French).
  • Le Colonel Chabert (Полковник Шабер) (1978) (Russian).
  • Le Colonel Chabert (1994) (French).

Production & Filming Details

  • Director:
    • Rene Le Henaff.
  • Producer(s):
    • Édouard Harispuru … producer (as E. Harispuru).
  • Writer(s):
    • Honoré de Balzac … (short story).
    • Pierre Benoît … (adaptation) (as Pierre Benoit de l’Académie Française).
    • Maurice Griffe … (adaptation).
    • Marc Maurette … (adaptation).
    • Yves Mirande … (dialogue) (uncredited).
  • Music:
    • Louis Beydts.
  • Cinematography:
    • Robert Lefebvre.
  • Editor(s):
    • Marguerite Renoir.
  • Production:
    • Compagnie Commerciale Française Cinématographique (CCFC).
  • Distribution:
    • Compagnie Commerciale Française Cinématographique (CCFC) (1943) (France) (theatrical).
    • Siritzky International Pictures Corporation (1947) (USA) (theatrical) (subtitled).
    • France 5 (2021) (France) (TV).
  • Release Date: 01 December 1943.
  • Running time: 102 minutes.
  • Country: France.
  • Language: French.

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