War of the Worlds (2019): S01E05


La Guerre Des Mondes, aka The War of the Worlds, is a television series produced by Fox Networks Group and StudioCanal-backed Urban Myth Films.


Helen and Bill meet up with, and join, the Greshams’ quintet of survivors. They all try to find a way to cope with their situation. Bill finds a student in Tom. Emily feels a strange connection with the alien invaders. Sacha overhears Chloe berating Noah for raping her when she was 15, resulting in Sacha. Emily and Kariem have sex. Further confirmation of what the quadruped cyborgs may be after is revealed when one kills a pregnant woman by removing the foetus. Jonathan is baffled by Sacha’s behaviour, seeing him leave his “uncle” Noah to be killed. Catherine, Colonel Mokrani and his team discover a destroyed alien ship, containing some organic material (“is that what they look like?”), where some malfunctioning quadrupeds are harmlessly wandering through the wreckage.

War of the Worlds Series (2019)

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The War of the Worlds Film, TV Series & Documentaries

You can find a full index and overview of the War of the Worlds franchise here.

Production & Filming Details

  • Release Date: 11 November 2019.
  • Running Time: 60 minutes.
  • Rating: 18.
  • Country: US and France.
  • Language: English and French.

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