Endgame (1983)


Endgame is a 1983 Italian post-apocalyptic film starring Al Cliver, Laura Gemser and George Eastman. It was directed, co-written and produced by Joe D’Amato, under the pseudonym “Steven Benson”.

Also known as Endgame – Bronx Lotta Finale (original title), Le Gladiateur du Futur (Canadian French title), and Endgame Gioco Finale (Italian alternative title).


In the year 2025, a nuclear holocaust has left New York City an irradiated, but not abandoned, wasteland (It appears the Nuclear War that caused the devastation happened in the late 1980s or early 1990s based on the technology people have available). The ruined city is inhabited now by scavenger packs and telepathic mutants, who are persecuted by the elite survivors. Keeping the few remaining people pacified is the reality television programme Endgame, where hunters and gladiators fight to the death for large financial winnings.

The elites in power in the city have their security forces seeking out and killing mutants who populate the ruins of the city. The non-mutant Professor Levin helps the mutants survive and hide from the security forces seeking to kill them.

The star and veteran fighter from Endgame, Ron Shannon (Al Cliver), convinces his nemesis to help him assembles a team to take a group of mind-reading mutants across the desert to safety. They need to avoid such dangers as blind fighting monks, nomadic predators, government agents, and Shannon’s friend, now turned nemesis, Karnak (George Eastman). The leader of the mutants is Lilith (Laura Gemser) and she has promised that if the assembled by Shaanon can succeed in getting the mutants to safety, a fortune awaits.


  • Al Cliver … Ron Shannon.
  • Laura Gemser … Lilith.
  • George Eastman … Karnak.
  • Jack Davis … Professor Levin.
  • Hal Yamanouchi … Ninja.
  • Gabriele Tinti … Bull.
  • Mario Pedone … Kovack.
  • Gordon Mitchell … Colonel Morgan.


The movie is available on several streaming service and as of October 2019 this includes Amazon Prime. The movie has been released on DVD, and on Blu-ray by Severin Films.


  • Of all his movies, director Joe D’Amato has stated that he likes this one best.
  • The film takes place in 2025.

Production & Filming Details

  • Director(s):
    • Joe D’Amato … (as Steven Benson).
  • Producer(s):
    • Joe D’Amato … producer (uncredited).
  • Writer(s):
    • Joe D’Amato … (screenplay) (as Steven Benson).
    • Aldo Florio … (screenplay).
  • Music:
    • Carlo Maria Cordio.
  • Cinematography:
    • Joe D’Amato … (as Federico Slonisco).
  • Editor(s):
    • Tony Larson.
  • Production:
    • Filmirage.
  • Distributor(s):
    • VTC (1983) (UK) (VHS) (as “Endgame”).
    • Tivoli (1984) (West Germany) (theatrical).
    • Media Home Entertainment (1985) (USA) (VHS).
    • Moonstone Pictures (1996) (UK) (VHS) (as “Endgame”).
    • DMEG (2004) (Sweden) (VHS).
    • American National Enterprises (USA) (theatrical) (dubbed).
    • Filmhansa (1983) (Germany) (theatrical) (as Filmhansa Zeigt).
    • Mundial Filmes (1986) (Portugal) (theatrical).
    • Astral Video (1985) (Canada) (VHS).
    • CMV Laservision (2012) (Germany) (DVD).
    • CNR Film & Video (Netherlands) (VHS) (as CNR Video).
    • HGV Video Productions (1989) (Canada) (VHS).
    • Lamy (Brazil) (VHS).
    • MTC Video (1985) (Greece) (VHS).
    • RCA/Columbia-Hoyts Home Video (1980) (Australia) (video) (as ‘Endgame’).
    • Severin Films (2021) (USA) (Blu-ray).
    • VPS Film-Entertainment GmbH (Germany) (DVD).
    • Video Treasures (1989) (USA) (VHS).
    • Videomax (1986) (Mexico) (VHS).
  • Release Date: 05 November 1983 (Italy).
  • Rating: 18.
  • Running Time: 98 minutes.
  • Country: Italy.
  • Language: Italian.

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