Halo: Nightfall (2014): Chapter 04 – Gods of the Damned


Halo: Nightfall is a live-action Xbox Originals webseries for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, and other Microsoft devices which was released in late 2014 (part of the Halo Franchise).

Consisting of five episodes, the series was created by Scott Free Productions in conjunction with 343 Industries. Acclaimed filmmaker Ridley Scott was the show’s executive producer along with Scott Free TV President David Zucker; it was directed by television director Sergio Mimica-Gezzan.

In the series, “A strange and treacherous world exposes elite UNSC operatives to a much deeper danger.” The five episodes of Nightfall aired on the Halo Channel weekly, on Tuesdays at 4 PM PST, starting on 11 November 2014 and concluding on 09 December 2014.


With less than three hours left, the remaining members begin to despair. A shadow appears above of them, revealing to be a Lekgolo swarm taking Wisner’s appearance. Horrigan throws Haisal to the worms, killing him and giving the team time to escape. Upon evading the immediate danger, Arris attempts to strike Horrigan, but is stopped by Estrin while Locke reprimands Horrigan for “playing god”. As they move out, Locke converses with Aiken, with both knowing that factions will start to emerge within the team. Aiken tells him that he is already dead and he’s willing to die, but Locke reproves him, saying he plans to survive. Aiken asks him if he is willing to sacrifice his team’s lives to accomplish his goals. Locke replies that he is not willing to sacrifice his men. Minutes later, Horrigan speaks with Locke in private, desperately urging him to choose him to escape the fragment, but Locke maintains that he will let luck choose.

The group arrive at a cliff, the bottom of which is overrun with Lekgolo worms. Ramos begins to lose his composure, watching a recording of his sons on his TACPAD, but Estrin throws the device away and snaps Ramos back to his senses. As they negotiate the edge of the cliff, Ramos proposes an alliance with Estrin but he rejects. Estrin trips off the cliff edge and urges Ramos to help him, to no avail; Estrin then falls into the abyss below, killing him. Once off the cliff, the survivors prepare to have an oxygen break, but a standoff ensues as Horrigan threatens Colonel Aiken and demands him to give up the sole remaining oxygen tank. Locke trains his pistol on Horrigan and orders him to stand down, but Ramos sides with Horrigan and the two force Locke to yield. Horrigan and Ramos then betray the team, take Arris as a hostage and they leave to the tug. Without weapons, oxygen and time, Macer says they are hopeless, but Aiken reveals to Locke and Macer that they have arrived at the Condor.

Halo: Nightfall Series

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Production & Filming Details

  • Release Date: 11 November 2014 to 09 December 2014.
  • Rating: 12.
  • Running Time: 30 minutes (per episode).
  • Country: US.
  • Language: English.

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