Fortunes of War (1994)


Fortunes of War is a 1994 Direct-to-video action film filmed in the Philippines directed by Thierry Notz that was produced by as well as starring Matt Salinger.


Freelance international humanitarian aid worker Peter Kernan quits his work in Thailand in disgust due to the political machinations that he feels is not helping the people who deserve aid. He finds himself in a quandary as his own relief efforts have left him destitute and owing his friend Canadian diplomatic officer Carl Pimmler a large amount of money. Pimmler has realised he will never be adequately rewarded for being a minor government diplomatic officer and offers Kernan a piece of his action. Kernan will drive an army truck loaded with medical supplies into Cambodia where he will be paid in gold bullion by a local warlord. Pimmler has the power to provide the relevant documents for Kernan’s mission with Pimmler’s business associate Border Patrol Police Colonel Shan providing an escort of a lieutenant and a squad of soldiers in two jeeps. Accompanying Kernan will be Pimmler’s wife Johanna a surgeon who has recently returned from Burma where she provided medical aid to the local populace.

Kernan faces danger from mined roads, thieves, the Royal Thai Police, the Khmer Rouge as well as from Colonel Shan and his Australian mercenary Rodger Crawley.


  • Matt Salinger … Peter Kernan.
  • Sam Jenkins … Johanna Pimmler.
  • Haing S. Ngor … Khoy Thuon.
  • Martin Sheen … Francis Labeck.
  • Michael Ironside … Carl Pimmler.
  • Michael Nouri … Father Aran.
  • Ronnie Lazaro … Border Patrol Lieutenant.
  • Frankie J. Holden … Rodger Crawley.
  • Vic Diaz … Colonel Shan.
  • Herbie Go … Khmer Rouge Officer.
  • John Getz … Franklin Hewitt.
  • Louie Katana … Corporal.
  • Joonee Gamboa … Sifu the Witch.
  • Adriana Agcaoili … Nun.


  • One of the last movies actor Haing S. Ngor made before his death, this was a quite similar role as his Oscar-winning debut in The Killing Fields (1984), but did not win him any awards.
  • The first feature film Matt Salinger starred in after the box-office bomb Captain America (1990), co-incidentally also starring Michael Nouri.
  • Despite having top billing and appearing on the cover for most copies of this film, both Martin Sheen and Michael Nouri only appear in a couple of scenes, having no more than 10 minutes on-screen time each.

Production & Filming Details

  • Director(s):
    • Thierry Notz.
  • Producer(s):
    • André Boissier … executive producer.
    • Mark Lee … co-producer.
    • David Ondaatje … line producer.
    • Matt Salinger … producer.
    • Michael Sayles … executive producer.
    • Michael D. Sellers … line producer.
  • Writer(s):
    • Mark Lee.
  • Music:
    • Kennard Ramsay.
  • Cinematography:
    • Bruce Dorfman.
  • Editor(s):
    • Brent A. Schoenfeld.
  • Production:
    • New Moon Productions.
  • Distributor(s):
    • Bellevue Entertainment (2003) (Finland) (DVD).
    • Columbia TriStar Home Video (1994) (USA) (VHS).
    • MCP Sound & Media AG (2004) (Germany) (DVD).
    • Schröder Media (2018) (Germany) (DVD).
    • Screen Media Ventures (1995) (World-wide) (all media).
    • Warner Home Video (1995) (Germany) (VHS).
  • Release Date: 05 April 1994 (video premiere, Japan).
  • Running Time: 117 minutes.
  • Rating: 15.
  • Country: US.
  • Language: English.

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