Caravan Hunters (2010): S01E03


Caravan Hunters is a 2010 four-part war drama TV series by director Sergey Chekalov.

Also known as Okhotniki za karavanami (original title) and Охотники за караванами (Russia).


1986, Afghanistan. The Mujahideen announce the launch of a new air-defence system called Stinger, which could potentially end Soviet supremacy in the air. Commander of Intelligence, Major Okovalkov is assigned the mission of getting hold of this new weapon and he must intercept a small caravan transporting the Stinger.

However, as it turns out, the caravan is a large heavily guarded vehicle with a well-armed escort. Realising that the mission is doomed to fail before it has begun, Okovalkov decides to let the caravan pass and then return to his unit, but his plans are ruined when a young and inexperienced soldier suddenly opens fire. A fight ensues during which most of the Soviet squad is killed. With only seven survivors and no radio contact, Okovalkov’s real ordeal begins when he is forced to march his injured men over 45 kilometres back to base.

Caravan Hunters Series

You can find a full index and overview of Caravan Hunters here.

Production & Filming Details

  • Release Date: 19 December 2010 (Ukraine) and 04 November 2011 (Russia).
  • Running Time: 47 minutes.
  • Rating: 13+.
  • Country: Russia.
  • Language: Russian and English (subtitles).

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