Marasli TV Series Overview (2021)


Maraşlı is a Turkish action series by TIMS & B Productions, which premiered on ATV in January 2021, starring Burak Deniz and Alina Boz.

Also known as The Trusted.


Maraşlı is a retired soldier turned bookstore owner. For Maraşlı, life changed drastically after his daughter was shot. One day, a photographer named Mahur enters Maraşlı’s bookstore and on that same day, she involuntarily gets involved in an incident involving the mafia. Maraşlı saves her life and from that day onwards, their fates become linked.


  • Burak Deniz … Celâl Kün (Maraşlı): He is a retired non-commissioned officer from special forces. He is secretly working for National Intelligence Organization. He is the ex-husband of Hilal and the father of Zeliş. He saved Mahur Türel and her family members’ life many times. Gradually, he fell in love with Mahur Türel.
  • Alina Boz … Mahur Türel: She is the daughter of the rich businessman Aziz Türel. She studied photography outside of her career. She is a photographer.
  • Serhat Kılıç … Necati Türel: He is the son of Aziz Türel. Ilhan and Mahur’s brother. He is a graduate of philosophy. He is an alcoholic.
  • Kerem Atabeyoğlu … Aziz Türel: He is the father of Mahur, Necati and İlhan. He is the owner of plane company Türel Air. He married Firuzan after his wife died. Savaş killed him and İlhan by knife.
  • Rojda Demirer … Firuzan Türel: She is the wife of Aziz Türel.
  • Saygın Soysal … Savaş Yıldırım: He is an EPP patient. He is the enemy of the Türel family. He knows how to use people’s weaknesses.
  • Cemil Büyükdöğerli … İlhan Türel: He is the son of Aziz Türel. He is the brother of Mahur and brother of Necati. He is Dilşad’s husband and father of Oghuz. He runs his father’s company. He’s a workaholic. Savaş killed him and his father Aziz Türel by knife.
  • Melis İşiten … Dilşad Türel: She is Ilhan’s wife. She is the mother of Oguz. He has a secret relationship with the Ozan.
  • Hakan Altıner … Müdür: He is the police chief.
  • Cihan Yenici … Ozan: He is Ilhan’s childhood friend. He is Mahur’s ex. He has a secret relationship with Dilşad. He is working for Savaş. He wants to replace İlhan. İlhan Killed him after learning of his relationship with his wife Dilşad.
  • Cengiz Sezgin … Sadık: He is the driver of the Türel Family.
  • Nesrin Yılmaz … Nuran: She is the maid of the Türel Family. She is Sadık’s wife..
  • Türkü Su Demirel … Behiye: She is the daughter of Sadık and Nuran. Servant of the Türel Family. She is interested in Necati.
  • Muhammad Abdullah … Ali: He is the Victim of Savaş.
  • Bedriye Rosa … Çelik Zeliş: She is the daughter of Maraşlı.
  • Nihal Dinçel … Şirin Hanım: She looks after Maraşlı’s housework and Zeliş.
  • Mert Ateş … Oğuz Türel: He is the son of İlhan and Dilşad.
  • Sinem Akyol … Hilal: The commissioner who helped Maraşlı in the concert attack.She is Maraşlı’s Ex-wife and mother of Zeliş.
  • Neslihan Acar … Sedef: Ömer’s lover is Aziz Türel’s wife. Sedef is the mother of Necati, İlhan and Mahur.
  • Gizem Kala … Ecem: She is Mahur’s friend from her workplace.
  • Özgür Koç … Nevzat: He is one of the soldiers of Marasli. He helps Marasli in daily life.

Marasli Series

Production & Filming Details

  • Director(s):
    • Arda Sarigün … (26 episodes, 2021).
    • Kudret Sabanci … (unknown episodes).
  • Producer(s):
    • Banu Gündogdu … line producer (26 episodes, 2021).
    • Burak Sagyasar … producer (26 episodes, 2021).
    • Timur Savci … producer (26 episodes, 2021).
  • Writer(s):
    • Ethem Ozisik … (26 episodes, 2021).
    • Ercan Ugur … (26 episodes, 2021).
    • Pelin Gülcan … (21 episodes, 2021).
    • Hakan Bonomo … (5 episodes, 2021).
  • Music:
    • Atakan Ilgazdag … (26 episodes, 2021).
  • Cinematography:
    • Hakan Okumus … (26 episodes, 2021).
  • Editor(s):
    • Ömer Cebeci … (26 episodes, 2021).
  • Production:
    • TIMS & B Productions.
  • Distributor(s):
    • ATV.
  • Release Date: 11 January 2021 to 13 July 2021.
  • Running Time: 60 minutes.
  • Rating: Unkown.
  • Country: Turkey.
  • Language: Turkish.

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