Epic Warrior Women (2017): S01E02 – Gladiatrix


The drama led documentary series presents history’s most iconic female fighters.

Each extraordinary tale of blood, sacrifice and endurance centres on the life of one young woman warrior caught up in the bloody struggles of her time.


Celt warrior woman Ardala is sold into a Mediterranean gladiator school in 2nd Century AD.

In the gladiator school she transforms from rebellious recruit to ruthless fighter wanting to avenge the death of her friend and mentor Zonena.

Epic Warrior Women Series

Production & Filming Details

  • Director(s): John Wate.
  • Producer(s): Richard Melman, Sebastian Peiter, Sorel Agbodemakou, Peter Busuttil, Emily Davis, Jeanne Paule De Souza, Tim Dunn, Naryn Igilik, Christian Lambert, Svetlana Palmer, Paul Parker, and Arlesienne Sovi.
  • Writer(s): Sebastian Peiter.
  • Music: John Leo Dutton, Josh Heineman, and Glenn Keiles.
  • Cinematography: John Wate.
  • Editor(s): Mark Elliott, Paul Jagger, Lee Sutton, and Sion Roberts.
  • Production: Compact Media Group, Malta Film Commission, ORF Universum, Planete +, Smithsonian Channel, The Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, Urban Canyons, Viasat World, and ZDF (II).
  • Distributor(s): Urban Canyons.
  • Release Date: 26 March 2018.
  • Running Time: 153 minutes (total running time).
  • Country: US.
  • Language: English.

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