Vikings (2019): S05E19 – What Happens in the Cave


The fifth season of the historical drama television series Vikings premiered on 29 November 2017 on History in Canada.

The series broadly follows the exploits of the legendary Viking chieftain Ragnar Lothbrok and his crew, and later those of his sons. The first season of the series begins at the start of the Viking Age, marked by the Lindisfarne raid in 793.

The fifth season consists of a double order of twenty episodes, split into two parts of ten episodes; the second half premiered on 28 November 2018, and the season concluded in its entirety on 30 January 2019.


In England, King Alfred’s mother, Judith, dies from cancer. Ubbe fights King Frodo and wins, but is badly injured. As he is about to die, Ubbe calls Odin for help. Because of Ubbe, the war is prevented and Kings Hemming and Angantyr settle in East Anglia with their people. Meanwhile, Lagertha is recalling what happened to her after the battle. She remembers that the witch cut her hair and told her she would then be a new person. Ubbe and Lagertha leave England for Kattegat. In Kattegat, Freydis confronts Ivar about her missing son and he strikes her. Bjorn, King Harald, and their army sail through a storm to reach Norway. Harald is frustrated by Bjorn’s behaviour and a deadly confrontation is only prevented by Gunnhild. While marching toward Kattegat with King Olaf and his army, Hvitserk is reunited with Bjorn. Ivar changes his plans and decides to stay in Kattegat to confront his brothers. In the cave, Floki finally finds a cross planted in the ground. He begins to laugh as the volcano erupts and injures him.

Vikings Series

You can find a full index and overview of Vikings here.

You can find a full index of Vikings Series 05 here.

Production & Filming Details

  • Director(s): David Wellington.
  • Writer(s): Michael Hirst.
  • Release Date: 23 January 2019.
  • Running time: 45 minutes (per episode).
  • Rating: 18.
  • Country: US
  • Language: English.

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