Barbarians Documentary Series Overview (2004 & 2007)


Barbarians is a 2004 miniseries on The History Channel which tells the story of tribes from the Early Middle Ages and the Late Middle Ages. Two series have currently been produced, each consisting of four episodes – the first aired in 2004, and the second aired in 2007.

The series tells about what the groups did, who they conquered, and how they fell. Clancy Brown narrated season 1 and Bob Boving narrated season 2.


The first series documents the history of the Vikings, Goths, Mongols, and Huns.

The second series documents the history of the Vandals, Saxons, Franks, and Lombards.


  • The first series was History Channel’s highest-rated telecast of the year.

Barbarians Series

Production & Filming Details

  • Narrator(s): Clancy Brown (first series) and Bob Boving (second series).
  • Director(s): Robert H. Gardiner and Nick Gardner (1 episode, 2007).
  • Producer(s): Carrie Gardner (second series), Char Gardner (both series), Robert H. Gardner (both series), Carl H. Lindahl (both series), and Agne Silickaite (second series).
  • Writer(s): Jonathan Grupper (first series), Damian F. Slattery (first series), Kate Youngdahl (both series), and Steven Zorn (both series).
  • Music: Michael Richard Plowman (both series).
  • Cinematography: Nick Gardner (both series).
  • Editor(s): David Grosbach (both series), John Kilgour (both series), and Jon Ross (second series).
  • Production: A+E Networks (both series), Gardner Films (both series), History Channel (both series), Lietuvos Kinostudija (both series), Lithuanian Film Studio (both series), and Resolution Productions (second series).
  • Distributor(s): A&E Home Video (first series), History Channel (both series), and New Video Group (second series).
  • Release Date: 19 January 2004 to 20 January 2004 (first series) and 05 March 2007 to 07 March 2007 (second series).
  • Running Time: 184 minutes (first series) and 188 minutes (second series) (total running time).
  • Rating: TV-PG.
  • Country: US.
  • Language: English.

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