Berlin 1945: Diary of a Metropolis Documentary Series Overview


Life in Berlin in 1945 before, during and after the battle of Berlin seen through the eyes of those who were there at the time from common Berliners to Allied troops.

Also known as Berlin 1945 : Le Journal D’Une Captale (French) and Berlin 1945: Tagebuch einer Großstadt (German).


Berlin 1945 time-travels into the city’s most fateful year through the eyes of those, who experienced it: German people and Allied soldiers. A fast paced collage creates an in-the-moment narrative of how the war was won and lost. Hitlerboy Dirk and Goebbels watch their world implode, while Alice fears for her children in Auschwitz and Russian soldier Victor walks through the plundered Chancellery. When it’s all over, Germans learn democracy and socialism. Giving voice to Soviet, US, UK and French soldiers as well as to the German population anxiously awaiting the outcome of the fighting. Berlin 1945 creates an innovative, comprehensive narrative of how the war was won and lost, how the city was liberated and how it emerged from the rubble.

Berlin 1945: Diary of a Metropolis Series

  • Aired in Germany as two 90 minute episodes.
  • Released on DVD (19 June 2020) as one 180 minute documentary.
  • Aired on BBC Four as three 52 minute episodes.

Production & Filming Details

  • Director(s): Volker Heise.
  • Producer(s):
    • Tassilo Aschauer … line producer (2 episodes, 2020).
    • Marc Bauder … producer (2 episodes, 2020).
    • Rolf Bergmann … commissoning editor (2 episodes, 2020).
    • Peter Gottschalk … commissoning editor (2 episodes, 2020).
    • Thomas Kufus … producer (2 episodes, 2020).
    • Christian von Behr … commissoning editor (2 episodes, 2020).
  • Writer(s): Marc Bauder and Volker Heise.
  • Music: Ulrike Haage.
  • Cinematography:
    • Andrew Bird … (2 episodes, 2020).
    • Janine Dauterich … (2 episodes, 2020).
    • Sven Heußner … (2 episodes, 2020).
  • Editor(s):
  • Production: Zero One Film in coproduction with Bauderfilm, RBB, and ARTE.
  • Distributor(s): RBB Media and Autentic Distribution.
  • Release Date: 08 May 2020 (Germany) and 09 November 2020 to 11 November 2020 (UK).
  • Running Time: 3 x 52 minutes, 2 x 90 minutes, and 1 x 180 minutes.
  • Rating: Unknown.
  • Country: Germany.
  • Language: English.

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