World Gone Wild (1987)


World Gone Wild is a 1987 science fiction film directed by Lee H. Katzin and starring Bruce Dern, Catherine Mary Stewart and Michael Paré.


In the nuclear-ravaged wasteland of Earth in the year 2087, water is as precious as life itself. The isolated town of Lost Wells, an outpost that survived the holocaust, is led by Ethan (Bruce Dern), a Moses-like guru and the last schoolteacher on the planet, Angie (Catherine Stewart). The inhabitants of the town guard the secret of their existence and source of their water from the outside world. The ‘town’ consist of a Mobil station surrounded by a wall of old cars. The school takes place in an old school bus. One of the few books still in existence and held by the town is an unabridged book on etiquette by Emily Post.

An evil cult of pseudo-religious renegades led by Derek (Adam Ant), a group following the teachings in a book on Charles Manson discovers the existence of the water source and wants control of the town’s valuable water supply. As the villagers are no match for Derek’s brute military force, they hire mercenaries living in a distant city. That group includes Nitro, Ten Watt and they are led by George Landon. The townspeople and the mercenaries team up to stage a last ditch defence of the town.


  • Bruce Dern as Ethan.
  • Michael Paré as George Landon.
  • Catherine Mary Stewart as Angie.
  • Adam Ant as Derek Abernathy.
  • Anthony James as Ten Watt.
  • Rick Podell as Exline.
  • Julius Carry as Nitro (credited as Julius J. Carry III).
  • Alan Autry as Hank.
  • Mindy McEnnan as Kate.
  • Bryan J. Thompson as Matthew.
  • Nancy Parsons as Rape Victim.


  • The film was nominated for a Young Artist Award in 1989.
  • The performance of Dern was praised, as was director Lee H. Katzin’s work but the source material was found lacking.

Production & Filming Details

  • Director(s): Lee H. Katzin.
  • Producer(s):
    • Donald C. Klune … associate producer.
    • Robert L. Rosen … producer.
  • Writer(s): Jorge Zamacona.
  • Music: Laurence Juber.
  • Cinematography: Don Burgess.
  • Editor(s): Gary Griffin.
  • Production: Apollo Pictures.
  • Distributor(s):
    • Astral Films (1988) (Canada) (theatrical).
    • Lorimar Film Entertainment (1988) (USA) (theatrical).
    • Astral Video (1988) (Canada) (VHS).
    • Manson International Pictures (1987) (World-wide) (all media) (sales).
    • Media Home Entertainment (1988) (USA) (VHS).
    • Video Treasures (1990) (USA) (VHS).
    • Warner Home Video (1988) (West Germany) (VHS).
    • Warner Home Video (1990) (UK) (VHS).
    • Warner Home Video (1989) (Netherlands) (VHS).
    • Warner Home Vídeo (Brazil) (VHS).
    • White Pearl Classics (2020) (Germany) (Blu-ray).
    • White Pearl Classics (2020) (Germany) (DVD).
  • Release Date: October 1987 (MIFED, Italy) and 22 April 1988 (Los Angeles).
  • Running Time: 95 minutes.
  • Rating: Unknown.
  • Country: US.
  • Language: English.

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