Sea Patrol (2009): S03E01 – Catch and Release


The third season of the Australian drama Sea Patrol premiered as Sea Patrol 3: Red Gold on the Nine Network on 18 May 2009. Principal location filming was, as in past seasons, completed in and around the area of Mission Beach, Queensland. It has an announced budget of A$17 million.


HMAS Hammersley is dragged into a web of murder, piracy and eco-terrorism, when valuable “Red Gold” coral is stolen from a dive boat.

Season 3 picks up where season 2 left off and sees HMAS Hammersley tasked with protecting the oil rigs on the Pacific Shelf. When an FFV is spotted approaching one of the rigs the fear is terrorism, but upon boarding the boat the crew finds a lone fisherman who has been badly beaten and tied to the wheel. Collapsing into the arms of ET the fisherman dies uttering the words Hantu. ET is clearly upset by the man’s death and later tells Nikki that he has decided to leave the NAVY to work for a local dive Company, meaning they can be together at last, and he asks her to marry him.

3 days later, and what begins as a routine patrol turns to tragedy when Hammersley is tasked to look for 8 missing divers off of Red Reef, Nikki is suspicious as ET has not reported for duty on the ship, and the worst fears are realised when the crew finds all eight divers washed ashore dead, and among them the body of ET. The crew is devastated and Mike asks to be allowed to help find out what happened. The search leads them to an FFV, which is carrying cargo from the Dive boat, although the fishermen claim innocence in the deaths. Swain and Spider stay aboard to steam the FFV back to Cairns, but their journey is suddenly interrupted by a band of eco-terrorists who are hell bent on revenge on all foreign fisherman. They are taken captive and find out this is the mysterious Hantu, the man responsible for the death of the fisherman near the oil rigs. Placed in an impossible situation they manage to convince the Captain to steer into the path of Hammersley where they have some hope of rescue and maybe some chance of answers about ET’s death.

Guest actors: Blair McDonough, Jessica Napier, Robert Coleby.

Sea Patrol Series

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Production & Filming Details

  • Release Date: 18 May 2009.
  • Running Time: 42 minutes.
  • Rating: 12+.
  • Country: US.
  • Language: English.

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