Patton 360° Documentary Series Overview


Patton 360°, also written as Patton 360, is a television series that originally ran from 10 April 2009 to 26 June 2009 on the History channel.

Patton 360° is a spin-off series of Battle 360°, which premiered on 29 February 2008 on the same channel.


The series follows General George S. Patton and the units he commanded, from the Operation Torch landings in Morocco in 1942, through the campaigns in North Africa and Sicily, and in the battles across Northwest Europe.

The series features a mixture of CGI, archival footage, recreations, and interviews with World War II veterans and historians.

Among the many commentators in the series was Colonel H.R. McMaster, a retired US Army Lieutenant General who served as the 26th US National Security Advisor from 2017 to 2018.


The producers of Patton 360 interviewed dozens of veterans for the series. Among the veteran contributors were Medal of Honour recipients Walter Ehlers, John D. Hawk and Distinguished Service Cross recipients Maj. General Kelley Lemmon, Colonel James Herbert (Jimmie) Leach and Major Abraham Baum. Retired Brigadier General Albin Irzyk and retired Lieutenant General Orwin C. Talbot were also interviewed. The series included interviews from dozens of other veterans, both enlisted soldiers and retired commissioned officers, who served in the many Infantry and Armoured Divisions that Patton fought with in North Africa, Sicily and with Third Army in Europe.

Among the divisions covered in the series were the 1st Infantry Division, the 4th Armoured Division, the 2nd Armoured Division, 5th Infantry Division, 90th Infantry Division, and 95th Infantry Division. Veterans from numerous independent tank battalions, artillery units, and anti-tank battalions were also covered in the program. Two naval veterans, Captain Franklyn Dailey, Jr. (USS Philadelphia) and Arthur Beaumont (USS Dallas) were also interviewed. William McBurney appeared in several of the later episodes and recounted his stories as a member of the 761st Tank Battalion.

The final episode of the series was dedicated to veteran Fred Cottriel of the 737th Tank Battalion, who died in 2008 only days after conducting an interview with the show’s producers.

Patton 360° Series

Production & Filming Details

  • Narrator(s): David Robb and Erik Thompson.
  • Director(s): Tony Long.
  • Producer(s):
    • Robert Beemer … supervising producer (10 episodes, 2009).
    • Douglas Cohen … executive producer (10 episodes, 2009).
    • Sam Dolan … producer (10 episodes, 2009).
    • Ryan T. Hurst … associate producer (10 episodes, 2009).
    • Carl H. Lindahl … executive producer (10 episodes, 2009).
    • Louis Tarantino … executive producer (10 episodes, 2009).
    • Brian Thompson … producer (7 episodes, 2009).
    • Julian P. Hobbs … executive producer (5 episodes, 2009).
  • Writer(s): Samuel K. Dolan and Jim Hense.
  • Music: Eric Amdahl.
  • Cinematography: Tom Collins, Jason Newfield, and Chris Raymond.
  • Editor(s): Conrad Stanley.
  • Production: Flight 33 Productions.
  • Distributor(s): History Channel.
  • Release Date: 10 April 2009 to 26 June 2009.
  • Running Time: 54 minutes (per episode, without adverts).
  • Rating: Unknown.
  • Country: US.
  • Language: English.

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