The Dirty Dozen TV Series Overview (1988)


The Dirty Dozen, was a short lived TV series that had thirteen episodes produced though Fox cancelled the broadcasting of the show after only seven episodes were shown.


The popularity of the original The Dirty Dozen film (1967) and a sequel (The Dirty Dozen: The Next Mission (1985)) led to a new Fox television series that debuted on Saturday 30 April 1988 with a two-hour episode on Channels 11 and 6 at 8:00 pm. Future instalments would be an hour long and air at 9:00 pm Saturdays.


The show follows the World War II exploits of a group of military prisoners turned soldiers. The soldiers were led by the tough as nails Lieutenant Danko who assigned each squad member a place based on their abilities.


  • Ben Murphy as Lieutenant Dan Danko.
  • John Bradley as Johnny Farrell.
  • John D’Aquino as Jean Lebec.
  • Mike Jolly as Vern Beauboff.
  • Frank Martin as General Worth.
  • John Slattery as Dylan Leeds.
  • Jon Tenney as Janosz Feke.
  • Barry Cullison as Sergeant Bobby Cutter.
  • Glenn Withrow as Roy Beauboff.
  • Benedict Taylor as Captain/Hyde-White.
  • Aldo Toncic as Dirty Dozen/Guard/German #1.
  • Vjenceslv Kapural as Doucette/Major Chirac.
  • Boris Gregoric as German Officer/Guard #2.
  • Pavle Balenovic as Dirty Dozen/Guard.
  • Darko Janes as Heckler/Lieutenant Mueller.
  • Ivo Kritof as Bela/Fat Lieutenant Colonel.
  • Ljubo Zecevic as Heckler/Sergeant.
  • Milan Plecas as Guard/Paris Cop #1.
  • Dusko Valentic as Paul/Schmidt.
  • Budimar Sobat as German #2/Stein.
  • Peter Dennis as Mickels/Montgomery.
  • Erich Hallhuber as Von Reumann.
  • Sue-Ann Leeds as Michelle.
  • Wookie Mayer as Marina.
  • Daniel Roebuck as Irwin Moskowitz.
  • Raymond Serra as Lucky Fontana.
  • Ted Shacelford as Corporal Helmut Pendl.
  • Big John Studd as Petite Pierre.
  • Peter Whitman as Fou-Fou/Marcel.
  • Manfred Andrae as Victor.
  • Richard Borg as Hedges/Hendricks.
  • Bruno Dietrich as Damrosch.
  • Wolf Kahler as Colonel Richter.
  • Mario Kovac as Claude.
  • Frano Lasic as Colonel Steinmetz.
  • Garfield Morgan as Von Krump.
  • Anthony Pedley as Karoly.
  • Pat Skipper as Kale Brody.
  • Aaron Swartz as Bobby.
  • Julia Biedermann as Ilse.
  • Demeter Bitenc as Von Kleist.
  • Michael DeLorenzo as Paco Fuentes.
  • Xabier Elorriaga as Henri.
  • Ronnie Janot as Lieutenant.
  • Wolfe Morris as Grimaldi.
  • Claus-Peter Seifert as Hauptmann.
  • Zeljko Senecic as Jacques.
  • Amadeus August as Bruner.
  • Rene Bitorajac as Marko.
  • Rudolf Waldemar Brem as Kleindorff.
  • Damir Saban as Guard #1.
  • Dieter Steinbrink as Zwickert.
  • Kevin Stoney as Stupple.
  • Richard Butler as Clinton.
  • Slobodan Dimitrijevic as Feldstadt.
  • Ian McShane as Lindberger.
  • Hrvoje Vesligaj as Jean-Pierre.
  • James Villiers as Lord Welboume.
  • Damir Andrei as Captain.
  • Marko Belinic as Juris.
  • Bob Hoy as Alex.
  • Horst Janson as Karl Jensen.
  • Igor Mirkovic as Lieutenant.
  • Ratko Buljan as Priest.
  • Mladen Pticar as Dirty Dozen.
  • Shane Rimmer as Biddle.
  • Andre Sportelli as Chris Erikson.
  • James Wakely as Major.
  • Zelimir Ciglar as Schleffen.
  • Gerry Crampton as Mueller.
  • Eileen Page as Lady Welbourne.
  • Ditte Schupp as Gretta.
  • Suzanne Andres as Ilse.
  • Robert Daws as Mitchell.
  • Zoran Drages as Waiter.
  • Predrag Sikimic as SS Sergeant.
  • Alexander Cvetkovic as Sentry.
  • Josipa Lisac as Songstress.
  • Zarko Savic as Vladek.
  • Chris Thinnes as Andrews.
  • Nikola Malobabic as Dealer.
  • Peter Slattery as Miller.
  • Bozidar Smiljanic as Maitre D’.
  • Domagoj Vukusic as German Major.
  • Bon Lensky as Rolf.
  • Edo Perocevic as Cabbie.
  • Sinisa Juricic as Guard.
  • Igor Samobor as Young Man.
  • Josip Ticic as Harkins.
  • Luka Borikic as Alain.
  • Vida Jerman as Townswoman #1.
  • Bozidarka Frajt as Townswoman #2.
  • Andrea Saric as Townswoman #3.
  • Bonita Korf as French Girl.
  • Hrvoje Klobucar as Teenager.
  • Etta Bortolazzi as Old Woman.
  • Darko Bujas as Comm Operator.
  • Bruce Boa as General Bantom.
  • Fred Bryant as Club Owner.
  • Aleksander Cvjetkovic as Guard.
  • Gabriella D’Olive as Sister Theresa.
  • Steven J. Evans as Staffer #1.
  • Rob Freeman as Captain.
  • Paul Glawion as Standartenfuhrer(Colonel) Zeller.
  • Michael Godley as General Stafford.
  • Zoran Gigic as Commander.
  • John Golightly as Andrews.
  • Constantine Gregory as Father Lormand.
  • Richard Howard as Dentist.
  • Edin Husakovic as Dirty Dozen #11.
  • Ilija Ivezic as Father Luca.
  • Mark Jeffrey as Constable.
  • Slavko Juraga as Obersturmfuhrer(1st Lieutenant) Steiner.
  • Gordan Klaric as Dirty Dozen #12.
  • Zeljko Loncar as Dirty Dozen #10.
  • Philip Nola as German Soldier.
  • Zvonimir Novosel as Sergeant.
  • Julije Perlaki as Cook.
  • Peda Petrovic as Ambulance Driver.
  • Hrvoje Petrusic as Squad Leader.
  • Chris Pitt as Mess Boy.
  • Manning Redwood as Colonel Merryhew.
  • Frank Roth as Krauss.
  • Boris Svrtan as Radio Man.
  • Maitland Thornton as Div.Commander #1.

The Dirty Dozen Film & TV Series

TV series should have aired from 30 April 1988 to 22 July 1988 but was cancelled after only seven episodes had aired.

Production & Filming Details

  • Release Date: 30 April 1988 to 11 June 1988.
  • Running Time: 45 minutes.
  • Rating: Unknown.
  • Country: US.
  • Language: English.

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