Deadliest Warrior (2010): S02E13 – Comanche vs. Mongol


Deadliest Warrior is a 2009 documentary series in which the great warriors of history are examined for fantasy combat simulations.


Comanche, the most skilled horseback riders of the American West, vs. a Mongol, the warriors of one of the greatest empires In history.

  • Comanche team: Joaquin Gonzalez (Comanche Horseman), Jay Redhawk (Master Horse Archer)
    Comanche weapons: War Hawk, War Lance, Bow & Arrow, Scalping Knife
    Comanche armour: Hair Pipe Breastplate, Buffalo Hide Shield
  • Mongol team: Munkhtur Luvsanjambaa (Native Mongol Historian), Jason Nguyen (Asian Combat Expert)
    Mongol weapons: Flanged Mace, Glaive, Bow & Arrow, Ild
    Mongol armour: Leather Lamellar, Leather Shield
  • For short-range weapons, the war hawk was tested against the mace, the tests being performed on a ballistics gel skull flanked by two synthetic bone skulls, one of which had a pressure sensor attached to the crown. The war hawk delivered death blows to all three skulls in 32 seconds, piercing into the brainpans with a force of roughly 300 psi, while also stabbing upwards through the gel skull’s cheekbone and into the lower portion of the brain, tearing off the top half of the skull. However, the war hawk was stuck for several seconds in the second bone skull and had to be shaken off before moving on to the ballistics skull. The iron flanged mace completely shattered all three skulls in 16 seconds, with a force of over 300 psi; Max Geiger claimed that the mace left a skull more unidentifiable than a shot from a 1-ounce slug, while Dr. Armand Dorian claimed that the torque of the strike meant that even a helmeted opponent would be killed due to a broken neck. The edge was given to the iron flanged mace for its tremendous killing power.
  • For mid-range weapons, the war lance was tested against the glaive. The war lance was tested from horseback against two stand-ins on foot and a ballistics gel torso mounted on a horse stand-in; striking at 40 mph at the point of impact, the war lance stabbed all three targets at the bottom of the heart, the tip reaching the spinal cord on the gel torso. Against a second gel torso that was clad in a Mongol’s hardened leather cuirass, the war lance actually penetrated deeper than against naked ballistics gel, striking 10-12 inches beneath the ribcage. The glaive was tested on a horse-shaped slab of beef which was mounted on a zip-line to simulate motion, stabbing between the ribs at 32 mph and delivering a blow which would have struck the heart and/or the lungs on an actual horse. Although the glaive had a longer tip, the edge was given to the war lance since the glaive could not be used on horseback.
  • For long-range weapons, the Comanche bow was tested against the Mongol bow against seven targets. The Comanche bow delivered six hits and achieved four kills and one wound in 28s and was capable of firing three arrows at once. The Mongol bow delivered five hits and achieved four kills in 33s. Both archers had one missed shot. The edge was given to the Comanche bow for its speed and accuracy.
  • For special weapons, the ild short sword was tested against the scalping knife. The ild cut apart a pig carcass in 10 strikes, visually severing the ribcage and spinal cord. The ild’s striking speed was clocked at 67 miles per hour. The scalping knife disembowelled another pig carcass with several strikes, inflicting wounds on the torso which would have inflicted a collapsed lung on a human target (but would not have been instant kills in and of themselves), stabbing into the neck and striking the jugular vein and/or carotid artery, and disembowelling the pig with a dragging vertical slice down the abdomen. The scalping knife’s stabbing speed was clocked at roughly 30 miles per hour, with Geoff Desmoulins claiming that the hand speed of the Comanche expert was faster; however, the precise data was never divulged. Before the test, the Comanche expert also demonstrated a scalping on a synthetic skull that was dressed in synthetic skin and hair; however, only the visual was displayed, with no information on the potential deadliness of the scalping. The edge was given to the ild sword for its bigger size and cutting power.
  • The Mongol is one of three warriors to get at least 100 kills with each weapon, and is the only warrior to lose while doing so.
  • The Comanche is the tenth of thirteen warriors to win after scoring more kills at mid range and long range.
  • The flanged mace is the fifteenth weapon to be given the edge and score fewer kills than the opposing weapon.

Re-enactment 21

In a valley, the Mongol is sharpening his Ild sword. Nearby, the Comanche cautiously makes his way to the top of the ridge overlooking the valley. The Mongol, feeling as if he’s being watched, looks to the top of the ridge. Seeing nothing, he goes back to sharpening his Ild. Back up on the ridge, the Comanche readies his bow and arrow and fires downward to the unsuspecting Mongol. The arrow lands a foot away from the Mongol, startling him. He stands up and looks to the source of the arrow, but is unable to make it out due to the Comanche standing against the sun. Using this opportunity, the Comanche fires two more arrows at the blinded Mongolian, one which flies past him and another which lands right in front of him. The Comanche raises his bow and gives off a loud war cry and falls back. Gathering his senses, the Mongol sheaths his Ild and mounts his horse, while the Comanche thrusts his War Lance into the ground and slings his War Hawk on his back. The Mongol reaches the top of the hill, but is confused when he only finds the Comanche’s horse. Hanging off the side of the horse, the Comanche pulls himself up to reveal himself, takes aim with his bow and arrow, and shoots the Mongol in the chest. The Mongol is saved by his lamellar breastplate, however, as he angrily thrusts his glaive into the ground and pulls out the arrow. The Comanche rides ahead to set up another attack while the Mongol pulls out his bow and arrow. The Comanche rides past as the Mongol fires another shot, which barely misses him. The Comanche rides up to his War Lance, which he pulls out of the ground and hides into the bushes. The Mongol rides up to his glaive and pulls it out, seeing the Comanche’s horse up on the rocky outcropping. The Mongol starts to ride to the abandoned horse when the Comanche ambushes him by tackling him from a rock, throwing him from his horse. The Comanche assumes a battle stance while the Mongol gathers himself and his Glaive. The Mongol swings his glaive but is parried by the Comanche’s War Lance. The Mongol counters by slashing at the Comanche’s back. The Comanche rolls, dropping his lance as he also avoids a circular slash. The Mongol goes in for a thrust, but the Comanche grabs the glaive and avoids the attack and counters with an elbow strike to the Mongol’s head. The Comanche stomps on the glaive, breaking it as the Mongol gets back up and unsheathes his Ild. The Comanche pulls out his War Hawk and the two warriors clash. The Mongol deflects a swing and counters, slashing the Comanche’s forearm. The Mongol goes in for a follow-up swing while the Comanche is still stunned, but the Comanche counters by grabbing the arms of the Mongol and hitting the Ild out of his hands, then spinning around and digging the War Hawk into the back of the Mongol. The Mongol pushes the War Hawk away as the Comanche gets it out and front kicks the Comanche, knocking him to the ground. The Comanche recovers and runs off into a cave while the Mongol runs back to his horse to retrieve his Flanged Mace and follows the Comanche into the cave. Inside the cave, the Mongol slowly searches out the Comanche, who has his back to a wall and is holding his War Hawk as well as a Scalping Knife. The Mongol spots the Comanche and swings his mace, which impacts on the cave wall as the Comanche dodges. The Mongol takes aim and swings the heavy mace again, hitting the floor as the Comanche dodges and gets set up for a counter-attack. The Comanche goes in for a swing with the War Hawk, but the Mongol counters with a swing that hits the Native American in the back, sending him reeling. The Mongol swings again, but the Comanche ducks under and quickly stabs the Mongol in the side with his Scalping Knife. The Mongol goes in for another swing, but misses as the Comanche ducks and goes in for two more stabs. While the Mongol is stunned, the Comanche grabs his War Hawk and buries it into the neck of the Mongol. The Mongol slumps to the cave floor, dead as the Comanche removes his hat and cuts off the Mongol’s scalp with his Scalping Knife. Victorious, the Comanche stumbles out of the cave mouth, shouting as he holds the bloody scalp on high.

Winner: Comanche.

Deadliest Warrior Series

You can find a full index and overview of Deadliest Warrior here.

Production & Filming Details

  • Release Date: 20 July 2010.
  • Rating: Unknown.
  • Running Time: 42 minutes.
  • Country: US.
  • Language: English.

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