American War Generals (2014)


For the first time, National Geographic gathers the nation’s 10 leading war generals for an unprecedented look at the history of the US Army from the Vietnam War to America’s war on Al-Qaeda.


Narrated by William Mapother, American War Generals reveals many never-before-heard stories and opinions from the legendary leaders of the modern US Army. Their accounts reveal the big changes that have transformed the US military from the first troops to enter Vietnam to the last combat troops to exit Afghanistan, explaining the critical personal experiences that shaped their lives and the way they approached modern warfare.

Production & Filming Details

  • Director(s):
  • Producer(s):
    • Peter Bergen … executive producer / producer.
    • Simon Epstein … producer.
    • Tresha Mabile … executive producer.
    • Jonathan Towers … executive producer.
  • Writer(s):
    • Peter Bergen.
    • Simon Epstein.
    • Tresha Mabile.
  • Music:
    • John E. Low.
  • Cinematography:
  • Editor(s):
  • Production:
    • National Geographic.
  • Distributor(s):
    • National Geographic (2014) (US) (TV).
  • Release Date: 14 September 2014 (US, TV) and 30 September 2014 (US, DVD).
  • Rating: NR.
  • Running Time: 90 minutes.
  • Country: US.
  • Language: English.

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